Contoh Soal Greeting Lengkap

Contoh Soal Greeting Lengkap

Ada berbagai macam jenis ucapan salam (greeting) dalam Bahasa Inggris yang digunakan sesuai dengan konteks situasi tertentu.

Soal latihan berikut akan membantu kita dalam memahami bagaimana menggunakan ucapan salam yang benar sesuai dengan situasi yang diberikan.
Berikut contoh soal greeting selengkapnya.

Contoh soal greeting lengkap

Part I

Choose a, b, c, or d for the correct answer!

1. The following expressions are kind of greetings, except!
a. Hello, Vany
b. Goodbye Ardi
c. Good morning everyone
d. Good afternoon Mom

2. What would you say if you want to ask someone’s condition?
a. Good afternoon
b. Hi, glad to see you
c. Good night
d. Hi, how’s life?

3. What does “terrific” means in Indonesia?
a. Dahsyat
b. Sangat baik
c. Biasa-biasa
d. Sehat

4. Complete the dialogue below!
Rendy : Hello Adam, how are you doing?
Adam : . . . . . . . . . .
Rendy : I’m all right.
a. I am fine, thanks
b. I am good, and you?
c. Great, thanks
d. Am I sick?

5. You meet your old friend, what would you say?
a. Hello, how are you?
b. Good morning friend
c. Hey, it’s good to see you again
d. Hi, what’s up?

6 Complete the dialogue below!
Mr.Robi : Good morning Ms.Lane, . . . . . .?
Ms.Lane : Morning, very well, thank you.
a. How are you today?
b. How’s business?
c. How’s everything?
d. How do you do?

7. You meet your English teacher in a book store at 4 p.m., what would you say?
a. Good morning sir
b. How are you sir?
c. Good evening sir
d. Good afternoon sir

8. Complete the dialogue below!
Riyanto : Good morning Ardi, how are you?
Ardi : Morning, I am fine and you?
Riyanto : I am fine too, what are doing here?
Ardi : I’m looking for my sister, but looks like she’s not here, I’ll look for her another place, . . . . . . .
Riyanto : ok, see you.
a. Bye-bye
b. Excuse me
c. Sorry, I have to go now
d. Good bye

9. Complete the dialogue below!
Sheny : Hello, can I speak to Andin?
Andin : Yes, you’re speaking to her now.
Sheny : Andin, could I borrow your biology book, and would you please bring it to School tomorrow?
Andin : of course.
Sheny : ok, thank you so much and . . . . . . .
Andin : You’re welcome, see you tomorrow.
a. Good bye
b. It’s been nice talking to you
c. Sure, see you later
d. So long, and good night

10. The following expressions are the expression of Leave Takings, except!
a. It’s nice to meet you
b. I’ll talk to you later
c. Sorry, I got to go now
d. See you

11. The correct expression when you part with your friend after diner is . . . . . .
a. Good night buddy
b. Thank you for joining us, good night
c. Sorry, I have to leave
d. Good bye

12. Translate the following expression into Indonesia!
Long time no see
a. Sudah lama tidak melihat
b. Lama tidak menonton
c. Lama tidak bertemu
d. Waktu yang panjang tidak bertemu

13. Complete the dialogue below!
Tito : Excuse me, I am new here, . . . . .
Tia : Hello Tito
a. Hello Tia
b. May I introduce myself? I’m Tito
c. I would like to introduce my friend
d. How are you Tia?

14. The correct expression when you meet someone at first time is . . . . . .
a. Hello, my name is (your name)
b. Hi, I am (your name)
c. Let me introduce myself, I am (your name)
d. How do you do? My name is (your name)

15. Complete the dialogue below!
Vera : Hi Jimmy, have you met Malik?
Jimmy :  . . . . . . . .
Vera : Hello Malik, this is my friend; Jimmy.
Malik : Hi, nice to meet you.
Jimmy : Nice to meet you too.
a. No I haven’t
b. Yes I have
c. Yes, I know him
d. No, thanks

16. Complete the dialogue below!
Susan : . . . . . . . .
Anita : Hi, glad to meet you, I’m Anita.
Rena : Glad to meet you too.
a. Hi, I’m Susan
b. Hello friend, I’m Susan and Anita
c. May I introduce myself, I’m Susan
d. May I introduce our new friend, Anita

17. Complete the dialogue below!
Agus : Is he your uncle?
Amir : No, he is not my uncle, but he is . . . . . .
Andy : It’s true.
a. Your uncle
b. Yours
c. His uncle
d. Andy’s uncle

18. Complete the dialogue below!
Reza : Last night I saw Harry in cinema, wore blue sweater, you were in cinema too, did you see . . . ?
Roby : Yes I did.
a. Harry
b. He
c. Him
d. His

19. Complete the dialogue below!
Mandra : This apple is mine.
Munaroh : Yes, . . . . . . . .
a. This is yours
b. This is you
c. You are
d. This is

20. Complete the dialogue below!
Captain : Colonel, I see the enemies approaching.
Colonel : Okay, shoot . . . . . . . !!!
a. Them
b. They
c. The enemies
d. Theirs

Part II

Match the following situations with the most appropriate expressions

1. You greet your teacher at 1 p.m.

2. Lita meets an old friend.

3. A teacher greets her students.

4. Someone opens a speech at 7 p.m.

5. You meet your classmate.

6. A receptionist welcomes a guest at 10 a.m.

7. You part with a friend after school.

8. A TV presenter closes her evening’s program.

9. You end a conversation with a friend.

10. A mommy takes her little son to bed.

Expressions choice

a. Hello, Rena. Nice to see you again.

b. Thank you for joining us. Good night.

c. Sorry. I really must go now.

d. Good afternoon, ma’am.

e. Good morning, class.

f. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

g. Good morning, sir.

h. Good night, sweet dream.

i. How are you today?

j. Bye. See you tomorrow.

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