Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Akhir Semester Kelas 10

Kali ini Dimensi Bahasa Inggris akan membagikan paket soal yang terdiri dari berbagai materi seperti prepositions, tenses, memo, signs and symbols, degrees of comparison, time table / schedule, preferences, conditional if, asking and giving direction dan invitation.

Soal-soal tersebut merupakan soal latihan sebelum menghadapi test evaluasi akhir semester. Tapi kita dapat menggunakan soal-soal tersebut sesuai dengan kebutuhan masing-masing.
Berikut soal latihan Bahasa Inggris akhir semester kelas 10 selengkapnya. 

Part I Multiple choice

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

1. The following statements are correct except!
a. There are a book on the desk.
b. There is books on the desk.
c. There is a book on the desk.
d. There aren’t a book on the desk.

2. Pay attention to the following picture.

Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Akhir Semester Kelas 10

a. The vase is in the table.
b. The vase is under the table.
c. The ball is on the table.
d. The ball is under the table.

3. “Diana was born . . . . . 15th July 1996.”
a. On
b. At
c. In
d. Of

4. Change the following sentence into interrogative form!
Tom and Nicole are discussing in the living room.”
a. Do Tom and Nicole discussing in the living room?
b. Are Tom and Nicole discussing in the living room?
c. Is Tom and Nicole discussing in the living room?
d. Are Tom and Nicole discuss in the living room?

5. Agus : What is Egi doing in the library?
Amin : Egi . . . . . . . . . . encyclopedia books for his task.
a. Collect
b. Is collecting
c. Collecting
d. Are collecting

6. What is the man doing?

Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Akhir Semester Kelas 10

a. The man painted the wall.
b. The man has painted the wall.
c. The man paints the wall.
d. The man is painting the wall.

Questions number 7 – 10 refer to the following text.

To : John Carson, Judith Lindsay.
From : Carol McLaren
Date : November, 4th 2013
Subject : annual meeting.

Due to the end of the year, I would like to ask you to come to the annual meeting.
We’re going to discuss about this year’s sale and next year marketing strategies.
Meet me at my office this afternoon, 3:00 p.m.
Best wishes

Carol McLaren

7. Who writes the memo?
a. Carol McLaren
b. John Carson
c. Judith Lindsay
d. John Carson and Judith Lindsay

8. The memo is addressed to?
a. John Carson, Carol McLaren
b. Carol McLaren, John Carson, Judith Lindsay
c. Carol McLaren, Judith Lindsay
d. John Carson, Judith Lindsay

9. What is the memo about?
a. Invitation to Carol McLaren’s party
b. Annual meeting
c. Discussing year’s sale
d. Discussing marketing sale

10. What is the Bahasa Indonesia meaning of “annual”?
a. Tahunan
b. Bulanan
c. Mingguan
d. Harian

11. Complete the dialogue with appropriate expression!
X : My name is Diana, and I will be your . . . . . . . tonight.
Y : Thank you, Diana. We have been looking forward to trying out this restaurant.
a. Waiter
b. Shopkeeper
c. Waitress
d. Receptionist

12. Complete the dialogue with appropriate expression!
X : Before your . . . . . . . . . . . would you like to order an appetizer?
Y : Sure, that sounds great. Where are your appetizers listed?
a. Drink
b. Food
c. Main course
d. Course

13. Which one of the following degrees of comparison is correct?
a. Good – more good – most good
b. Good – better – best
c. Good – better – fine
d. Good – nice – well

14. What is the meaning of the sign?

Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Akhir Semester Kelas 10

a. Throw the rubbish everywhere
b. Keep the dustbin clean
c. Throw rubbish in the dustbin
d. Keep away the rubbish from the dustbin

15. Andy is 165 cm tall. Donna is 167 cm tall. So, Donna is . . . . . . than Andy.
a. Taller
b. Most tall
c. Tallest
d. Tall

16. Maya is the  . . . . . . student in my class. She never comes late to school.
a. Most lazy
b. Most diligent
c. Most great
d. Most beautiful

17. I can do the Biology test easily. I think Biology is not as . . . . . as Mathematics.
a. Easy
b. Good
c. Difficult
d. Bad

Questions number 18 – 19 refer to the following text.

Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Akhir Semester Kelas 10

18. Which airline has the shortest trip time?
a. Pacific
b. Singapore
c. Hawk
d. Southeast

19. If you want to arrive in Manchester in the morning, which flight would you take?
a. Hawk
b. Walter air
c. Pacific
d.  Southeast

Questions number 20 – 22 refer to the following pattern!

20. Subject + prefer + TO INFINITIVE + instead of + GERUND
a. I prefer to stay instead of to go now.
b. Anita prefers to drink a glass of milk instead of eating noodle.
c. Surya prefers climbing instead of Hiking.
d. I prefer comic instead of magazine.

21. Subject + would prefer + NOUN + rather than + NOUN
a. Dona would prefer typing rather than writing.
b. Salman would prefer to walk rather than to ride.
c. Ali would prefer Badminton rather than Football.
d. Bian would prefer watching rather than listening.

22. Subject + like + GERUND + better than + GERUND
a. She likes dancing better than singing.
b. He likes online game better than offline game.
c. They like strawberry juice better than avocado juice.
d. I like travelling better than to camp.

23. If I . . . . . . . . I will protect and help people.
a. Was a police
b. Am a police
c. Were a police
d. Been a police

24. If I knew earlier I . . . . . come to your house.
a. Will
b. May
c. Am going to
d. Would

25. Amy . . . . . . . the piano.
a. Can playing
b. Can to play
c. Plays
d. Can plays

26. Jimmy : How good are you at . . . . . . . .?
Andy : Well I can jump high, and smash hard.
a. Play volley ball
b. To play volley ball
c. Played volley ball
d. Playing volley ball

27. Go . . . . . . .  on the end of the road.
a. Straight
b. Near
c. Towards
d. Ahead

28. Jerry : Excuse me ma’am. I’m trying to find this address, could you show me where is it?
Lady : . . . . . . . . I’m just a passer-by.
a. Sure, keep going
b. Yes, go to the end
c. Sorry, I don’t live around here
d. Of course, just go along

29. Rossa : My father gave me 2 tickets to Tee Jay, but I have no company yet. Would you like to come with me?
Ingrid : Sure, when?
Rossa : This afternoon, 2 o’clock.
Ingrid : Ok, I’ll be there.
What is the dialogue about?
a. Apology
b. Capability
c. Expressing preference
d. Invitation

30. Maya : I’m afraid I . . . . . your invitation.
Ruri : It’s ok. Maybe some other day.
a. Might not accept
b. Would accepting
c. Cant’ accept
d. Should accept

Part II Essay

Question number 31 – 32 make sentences of expressing preference according to the following patterns!

31. Subject (David) + prefer + GERUND + instead of + GERUND

32. Subject + would prefer + TO INFINITIVE + rather than + TO INFINITIVE

33. Make a sentence of conditional type II in English!

34. Translate the following sentence into English!

lurus ke jalan apel, terus jalan sejauh dua blok, lalu belok kiri dan bangunannya ada disebelah kanan mu.”

35. Make a short dialogue based on the situation below:
You : (Invite your friend to a dinner in your house)
Your friend : (accepting)

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