1.       Siswa dapat memahami penggunaan artikel “a”.
2.       Siswa dapat memahami penggunaan artikel “an”.
3.       Siswa dapat memahami penggunaan artikel “the”.


Dimensi Bahasa Inggris | Article a, an, the

1. Article “a” dan “an”a. Kita menggunakan “a” atau “an” saat kita tidak tahu secara spesifik tentang 
    sesuatu yang sedang dibicarakan, atau sesuatu itu tidak disebutkan sebelumnya.
A man crashed into a tree.
An elephant can make a loud noise.

b. Kita menggunakan “a” sebelum noun (kata benda) yang berawalan huruf konsonan. (b, c, d, f, g, 
    h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y or z)
a hen
a friend
a student
c. Kita menggunakan “an” sebelum noun (kata benda) yang berawalan huruf vokal. (a, e, i, o, u)
an umbrella
an idea
an apple
Saat kita memilih “a” atau “an” kita harus memperhatikan bagaimana pengucapan kata tersebut.

(hour = /auer/) cara membacanya dimulai dengan huruf vokal, jadi kita harus memakai 'an hour'
(University = /juniversiti/) it cara membacanya dimulai dengan huruf konsonan, jadi kita harus memakai 'a university'

2. Article “the” 
a. Kita menggunakan “the” saat lawan bicara tahu akan sesuatu atau seseorang 
    yang kita bicarakan.
Give me the red pen.
The boy in the cafe is my brother.

b. Kita menggunakan “the” saat sebelumnya kita sudah membicarakan sesuatu atau seseorang 
The man came, sir. He repaired the computer as you asked.

c. Kita menggunakan “the” saat membicarakan titik geografis tertentu di bumi.
The North Pole
The equator

d. Kita menggunakan “the” saat membicarakan tentang nama sungai, laut dan samudera.
The Pacific
The Amazon

e. Kita menggunakan “the” saat kita membicarakan kata benda tertentu.
the sun,
the moon,
the wind,
the world,
the earth,
the White House


Fill in the blanks with article 'a' or 'an'
1.    ___ blue whale can weigh up to 200 tons.

2.    I found ___ white stone and ___ earring while I was walking on the beach.

3.    I have ______ Indonesian and ______ Palestine flag.

4.    Ronny wants to buy ______ fridge, ______ washing machine, ______ oven, ______ electric vacuum cleaner for her new house.

5.    I go to the mini market to buy ______ melon and ______ newspaper.

6.    You should be ______ hardworking student.

7.    Anggita is going to give ______ birthday party next Sunday.

8.    I wish I could see ______ tiger.

9.    If you eat ______ orange or ______ lemon a day, you can protect yourself from flu.

10.  My mother is ______ kind person. She treats me well even if I get bad marks.

11.  It's too hot. I want to have ____ ice-cream.

12.  The teacher wants ______ answer from the students.

Fill in the blanks with 'a' , 'an' or 'the'
13.  Luthfi went to Cipatujah and saw ______ Indian Ocean.

14.  ______ weather is fine. Should we go for a picnic?

15.  He visited ______ White House to see the President.

16.  No, I can't find ______ cheap house to buy. They are all very expensive.

17.  This is ______ man Yuna sold his car.

18.  We look for ______ engineer for our company.

19.  She wanted to be ______ singer, but she is ______ teacher now.

20.  I have ______ idea about the English project.

21.  ______ world has seven continents.

22.  Sir, ______ woman you are waiting for is in the hall. She is making ______ phone call.

23.  If you take ______ train, you can reach there on time.

24.  I've got ______ A+ from the English quiz and I'm very happy.

25.  Don't forget to post ______ letter I gave you.

Arrange these jumble words into a good sentence.
26.  office-my-at-post- works-sister-the

27.  cream-there-refrigerator- ice -an- in-the-is

28.  town- in-there-river-is-a-my

29.  in-is-a -window-room-there-my

30.  a- accept-do-think-credit card?- the- will-shop-you

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