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Perbedaan There is And There are Berikut Contoh Soal


1. Siswa dapat menguasai penggunaan “there is”.

2. Siswa dapat menguasai penggunaan “there are”.


Dimensi Bahasa Inggris | There is and There are


There is / There are

Kita menggunakan There is / There are untk menyatakan bahwa sesuatu itu ada atau tidak ada. Subjeknya biasanya diletakkan setelah kata There is / There are.

There is

Gunakan "There is" untuk kata benda tunggal dan kata benda yang tidak dapat dihitung.


There is a river in my town.
(Ada sebuah sungai di kotaku)

There is an apple on the desk.
(Ada sebuah apel di atas meja)

There is ice on the top of the mountain.
(Ada es di atas puncak gunung)

There is oil on the pavement.
(Ada minyak di atas trotoar)

There are

Gunakan "There are" untuk kata benda jamak (plural)


There are two parks in my neighborhood.
(Ada dua taman di lingkungan tempat tinggalku)

There are 600 students in this school.
(Ada 600 orang siswa di sekolah ini)


Put the correct answer using there is or there are

1. There ___ some water on the floor.

2. There ___ some Arabian here.

3. There ___ few doctors in my town.

4. There ___ a little bit of pepper in the soup.

5. There ___ many documents that are used.

6. There ___ new flowers coming up in your garden.

7. There ___ 2 newspaper on the table.

8. There ___ a new movie in the cinema.

9. There ___ a lot of people gather in the town square.

10. There ___ a mountain in my home town.

11. There ___ many cars at the parking lot.

12. There ___ young teachers in the teachers’ meeting.

13. There ___ 2 students absent today.

14. There ___ a bag I love the most.

15. There ___ an ice cream in the freezer.

Make 10 sentences using there is / there are and the words given!

16. a lot of people

17. 30 students

18. an egg

19. an invitation card

20. a sheet of paper

21. few teachers

22. oil

23. rice

24. rainbow

25. children

Dimensi Bahasa Inggris
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