Soal Latihan Melengkapi Dialog Materi Suggestion And Offer

Suggestion and Offer merupakan materi yang membahas tentang cara meminta saran, memberi saran dan tawaran, menerima saran dan tawaran, serta menolak saran dan tawaran tersebut.

Suggestion adalah saran atau masukan berupa ide yang diberikan kepada orang lain untuk dijadikan pertimbangan sebelum ia mengambil sebuah keputusan.
Sedangkan Offer adalah tawaran yang diberikan kepada orang lain berupa barang atau jasa.

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Pada postingan kali ini, kita akan mencoba melatih kemampuan pemahaman kita tentang materi Suggestion and Offer dengan mengerjakan beberpa latihan soal berikut.

Soal Latihan Melengkapi Dialog Materi Suggestion and Offer


Give the best suggestion for your friend based on the situations given! 

1. Your friend: I lost my handphone at school, I've been looking for everywhere, but I still can't find it.
What should I do?
You: You could ___________________

2. Teacher: You always come late almost everyday, if you come late again tomorrow, You will be suspended.
Your friend: Yes Sir, I will try to come earlier.
(a moment later)
Your friend: My teacher just warned me because I always come late, I actually should help my parents in the market every morning, I don't know what to do.
You: You might __________________

3. Your friend: Brock keeps bullying me every time I meet him, this morning he pushed me, and I stumbled and fell, I'm sick of him.
Should I revenge him?
You: If I were you, I would _________________, let the teacher handle the situation.

4. Your friend: My teacher asked me to join the English speech contest, She said I got a talent on English speech, I am still confuse because I never join such contest before.
What should I do?
You: __________________

5. Your friend: I couldn't sleep well in this past three nights, it makes me dizzy in the following day.
what do you recommend?
You: Why don't you ________________

6. Your friend: Lanna is angry to me, because I accidentally spilled my drink on her book.
What should I do?
You: Why don't you _______________

7. Your friend: I plan to go for vacation next holiday, but I still don't know where to go.
Do you have any idea?
You: What about ____________

8. Your friend: I want to ask my close friend to have dinner.
Do you have any recommendation?
You: How about _____________

9. Your friend: I think I'm frustrated of my tasks, these tasks make me tired.
What should I do?
You: You could ______________

10. Your friend: I always get influenza in cold weather. It makes me suffering.
Shall I stay at home all day long?
You: ____________________


Try to give an offer based on the following situations!

1. Your friend is exhausted after having exercise.
Your offer: Would you like ________________

2. You see your sister has some difficulties doing her homework.
Your offer: __________________

3. You see an old man trying to across the street.
Your offer: Would you like ____________________

4. Your friend forgot to bring his money.
Your offer: ______________________

5. You see your friend is walking to his home, and you go to the same direction.
Your offer: ___________________

6. Your mom is cleaning the house.
Your offer: Could I _____________

7. You have two pens and you see your friend forget to bring hers.
Your offer: _________________

8. You are in a room and you see an old woman brings so many stuffs trying to open the door.
Your offer: ________________

9. You see a man trying to find a toilet, and you know where the toilet is.
Your offer: ________________

10. It's your birthday, and you bring so many cookies for your friends.
Your offer: _____________________


Complete the following dialogue by using the most appropriate expression of Accepting a Suggestion, Declining a suggestion, Accepting an Offer or Declining an Offer.

1. Pedro: One of our classmate will have birthday tomorrow.
Why don't we make a surprise for her
You: ________________________ she will be happy.

2. Matthew: Can you really lift that table by yourself? that table seems heavy, would you like me to lift that table?
Nelson: ___________________, I'm ok. You could help Peggy over there she's moving some chairs.
Matthew: Ok.

3. Your friend: I have some sandwiches in the kitchen. do you want some?
You: _________________, I'm still full.

4. Dean: Nico said you went to school by public transportation, so may I give you a ride?
You: ______________ My dad actually will pick me up.
Dean: alright then, I'll see you tomorrow.
You: see you.

5. Your friend: Let's go to canteen, could I offer you a bowl of chicken noodle for lunch?
You: ____________ I'm hungry anyway.

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