Contoh Soal UTS Kelas IX Semester Ganjil Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Soal UTS Kelas IX Semester Ganjil Bahasa Inggris

Contoh soal UTS untuk SMP kelas IX semester ganjil terdiri dari materi expressing certainty and uncertainty, expression of asking for repetition, expression to show admiration, procedure text, dan report text.

Berikut contoh soal UTS kelas IX semester ganjil Bahasa Inggris selengkapnya.

Selamat mengerjakan.

Contoh Soal UTS Kelas IX Semester Ganjil Bahasa Inggris

Multiple choice test

Choose a, b, c, or d for the correct answer!

1. Johan : Hi Yudi, the weather is cloudy, do you think it will rain soon?
Yudi : I think so, I am . . . . . it will rain soon.
a. Sure
b. Not sure
c. Certainty
d. Doubtful

2. Mr. James : If I don’t have certificate showing ownership of property for guarantee, will the bank lend me some money?
Mr. Chang : I can’t say that for sure.
The underlined expression is used to express . . . . . . .
a. Disappointment
b. Uncertainty
c. Disagreement
d. Dislike

3. Maudy : What do you think about Titi? Will she come tonight?
Ayunda : I don’t think she will come.
From the dialogue above, we know that . . . . . .
a. Ayunda feels sure that Titi will come
b. Ayunda feels uncertain that Titi will come
c. Ayunda doesn’t like Titi
d. Ayunda tries to think about Titi

4. Susan : Oh, I have lost my pen, May I borrow yours, John?
John : . . . . . . . . Here you are.
a. Of course
b. You are welcome
c. I am sorry
d. No, never

5. Azki : I heard, our classroom will be renovated in the next few days.
Nuri : are you sure?
Azki : Well, I can’t tell you for sure, I think we should ask our teacher.
The underlined expression is used to express  . . . . . . . .
a. Certainty
b. Uncertainty
c. Agreement
d. Disagreement

6. Rudi : Hello, can I speak to Ari?
Ari’s bro : Sorry, I didn’t catch what you said. Would you mind repeating your words?
Rudi : ok, I told you that can I speak to Ari?
Ari’s bro : ooh, sorry he had just come out.
The underlined expression is showing  . . . . . .
a. Repetition
b. Certainty
c. Uncertainty
d. Admiration

7. Reni : HI, nice to meet you, but what is your name?
Nida : Yeah, nice to meet you too, my name is Nida.
Reni : Sorry, can you repeat your words, please?
Nida : Of course. My name is NIDA.
The underlined expression is showing . . . . . .
a. Asking for certainty
b. Responding of certainty
c. Asking for repetition
d.Responding for repetition

8. Which of the following sentence is asking for repetition?
a. Sorry, I’m not sure
b. Sorry, I beg your pardon, Sir?
c. Really?
d. Well, that’s all right

9. Which of the following sentence is the respond of asking for repetition?
a. Do you understand?
b. What did you say?
c. Ok, listen it well.
d. Really?

10. Anton : look at the painting over there!
Eka : wow, what . . . . . . . . . . !
a. A beautiful painting is it
b. Beautiful the painting is
c. Is a beautiful painting
d. A beautiful painting it is

11. Jessica : It’s raining and it’s windy all day long, it’s better to drink a coffee.
Mirna : Yes, . . . . . . we can’t play outside.
a. How gloomy the day is
b. How bright the day is
c. How beautiful the day is
d. How wonderful the day is

12. Titto : which is our bus, Dad?
Dad : The new one over there.
Titto : . . . . . . . . . . . .!
Dad : Yeah, that’s right. That’s the super executive bus.
a. How terrible it is
b. How comfortable the bus is
c. What a shame
d. What a worst bus

The following text is for number 13 – 15!

How to make Starfruit Punch

250 gr yellow starfruit in slices
100 ml water
2 spoonful of vanilla
8 teaspoonful of lemonade extract

First, put slices of starfruit and water in the blender, wait until it’s soft, then skim it.
Second, add syrup, lemonade extract, and soda water, stir thoroughly.
And the last, pour it in the glass and put in the ice cubes.

13. What is the text about?
a. How to make starfruit punch
b. The ingredients of starfruit punch
c. How to use blender
d. How to slice starfruit

14. add syrup, lemonade extract, and soda water, stir thoroughly.
The underlined words means . . . . . . . .
a. to make smooth
b. to boil
c. to cut
d. to move an object in order to mix it

15. which of the following procedures is true?
a. Skim the slices of starfruit and water which have already blended
b. Put the ice cubes in the blender
c. Boil the water
d. Pour the fried onion

The following text is for number 16 – 20!


Cats are pet of some people. They have many kinds of different furs. They have soft furs and strong legs. The cats like milk and fish. They have mustaches and beautiful eyes. They like preying the mouse in the house. Therefore, they are carnivore.

16. What is the most suitable title for the text above?
a. The predator
b. The Pet
c. The cats
d. The tigers

17. Do the cats have beautiful eyes?
a. No, They don’t
b. No, They doesn’t
c. Yes, They are
d. Yes, They do

18. They like preying the mouse in the house.
The synonym of underlined word is . . . . . . . .
a. Hate
b. Feed
c. Play
d. Love

19. Therefore, they are carnivore.
What does carnivore mean?
a. The animals that eat meat
b. The animals that eat plant
c. The animals that eat everything
d. The animals that eat fruit

20. What are cats’ favorite food?
a. Rice and milk
b. Mouse and cheese
c. Fish and egg
d. milk and fish

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