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Soal SMP: Hobby and Interest, Invitation, Compliment, Opinion

Contoh soal berikut adalah paket soal yang merupakan gabungan beberapa soal yang telah diambil dari berbagai materi seperti hobby and interest, question tag, adjectives, reading number, relative pronoun, invitation, compliment, agreement and disagreement.

Kita dapat menggunakan paket soal tersebut sebagai soal latihan, soal ulangan harian ataupun soal remedial.

Berikut paket soal SMP: hobby and ineterest, invitation, compliment, opinion, etc.

Soal SMP: hobby and interest, invitation, compliment, opinion, etc.

Paket soal SMP

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

1. I like playing football, I always play football every day after school, my idol is also a football player Zinedine Zidane. So playing football is my . . . . . . . . . . .
a.  Capability
b.  Hobby and interest
c.  Job
d.  Daily activity

2. Atun : What’s your favorite hobby Utun?
Utun : I like . . . . . . . . .  DVD.
a.  Watch
b.  Watched
c.  Watching
d.  Watches

3. Valentino Rossi is a moto GP rider, . . . . . . he?
a.  isn’t
b.  wasn’t
c.  aren’t
d.  weren’t

4. What is the meaning of message in Indonesia?
a.  Tanda
b.  Pijat
c.  Surat
d.  Pesan

5. Motor itu adalah milik saya (translate to English)!
a.  That motorcycle is mine
b.  That is me motorcycle
c.  That motorcycle is my
d.  That is motorcycle I

6. What is the flavor of chili?
a.  Bitter
b.  Sweet
c.  Hot
d.  Sour

7. If you were born in 1997 how old are you in 2014?
a.  16 years old
b.  17 years old
c.  15 years old
d.  18 years old

8. Two hundred and fifty eight – thirty seven = ???
a.  213
b.  211
c.  212
d.  221

9. Someone who writes the memo is a . . . . . . .
a.  Receiver
b.  Sender
c.  Deliverer
d.  Operator

10. The bat is the only mammal . . . . . . . can fly
a.  That
b.  Who
c.  Whose
d.  Whom

11. Munaroh is a woman . . . . . . . falls in love to Mandra
a.  Whose
b.  Whom
c.  Who
d.  That

12. Alex : Would you like to join me for dinner in Sonata’s restaurant tonight at 8:15 p.m.?
Dahlia : Thank you, yes I would like to.
The dialogue above is about?
a.  Asking and giving opinion
b.  Invitation
c.  Agreement and disagreement
d.  Compliment

13. What is Dahlia’s response in dialogue number 12?
a.  Refusing
b.  Rejecting
c.  Denying
d.  Accepting

14. Mr. Ato : In my opinion Gangster is not a juvenile delinquency, but it’s a criminal.
Mr. Nizar : Yes, that’s exactly my opinion.
What is the dialogue above about?
a.  Invitation
b.  Compliment
c.  Asking and giving opinion
d.  Disagreement

15. “You look so cute today” is one of the expression of . . . . . . . . . .
a.  Compliment
b.  Flattery
c.  Thanking
d.  Apology

16. What is the meaning of compliment in Indonesia?
a.  Rayuan
b.  Bujukan
c.  Pujian
d.  Kutukan

17. “What a nonsense!” is one of the expression of . . . . . . . . . . .
a.  Agreement
b.  Disagreement
c.  Giving opinion
d.  Strongly and impolitely disagreement

18. What is the meaning accept in Indonesia?
a.  Ambil
b.  Setuju
c.  Terima
d.  Undang

19. Where does the sun rise?
a.  From the north
b.  From the east
c.  From the south
d.  Form the west

20. The antonym of the best is . . . . . . . . . . . .
a.  The worst
b.  The bad
c.  The ugly
d.  The good

Kunci jawaban

Berikut kunci jawaban soal SMP: hobby and interest, invitation, compliment, opinion.

1. b. Hobby and interest
2. c. Watching
3. a. isn’t
4. d. Pesan
5. a. That motorcycle is mine

6. c. Hot
7. d. 18 years old
8. d. 221
9. b. Sender
10. a. That

11. c. Who
12. b. Invitation
13. d. Accepting
14. c. Asking and giving opinion
15. a. Compliment

16. c. Pujian
17. d. Strongly and impolitely disagreement
18. c. Terima
19. b. From the east
20. a. The worst

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