Soal Asking for Someone's Attention Terbaru

Salah satu bentuk komunikasi adalah komunikasi dua arah, dimana yang satu berbicara dan yang lainnya mendengarkan begitupun sebaliknya saling bergantian.

Dalam bentuk komunikasi satu arahpun tetap saja salah satunya harus mendengarkan atau menyimak. Apabila lawan bicara kita tidak mendengarkan atau menyimak maka proses komunikasi tidak lagi berjalan dengan baik karena apa yang kita sampaikan tidak akan pernah diterima.

Penting sekali untuk memastikan lawan bicara kita mendengarkan apa yang kita sampaikan, untuk itu kita harus memastikan bahwa lawan bicara kita memperhatikan kita.

Untuk memastikan kita telah mendapat perhatian dari lawan bicara kita, kita dapat menggunakan beberapa bentuk ungkapan seperti yang telah dibahas pada postingan berjudul:

Materi Asking for Someone's Attention

Selanjutnya kita akan melatih kembali pemahaman kita tentang berbagai ungkapan untuk meminta perhatian orang lain.
Berikut soal asking for someone's attention terbaru selengkapnya.

Soal asking for someone's attention terbaru

Multiple choice

Choose a, b, c or d for the correct answer!

1. Complete the following conversation.
Teacher: I will explain about simple present tense. This is the formula to arrange the correct sentence. Please . . . . . . . the white board.
a. eyes on me
b. listen to
c. have a look at
d. attention please

2. We can use the following expressions to ask for someone's attention, except.
a. Could you call me?
b. May I have your attention?
c. Could I just ask?
d. Could we talk?

3. Complete the following conversation.
Student: Excuse me Sir, could I interrupt? I have something to talk about.
Teacher: . . . . . . . I'm listening.
a. Yes, please
b. I'm sorry I'm busy
c. We can talk later
d. Wait a minute

4. Complete the following conversation.
Your friend: I will tell you about the plan for our next event.
Me: . . . . . . . . . . I think we need to wait for Mr. Arif first. He said there's a change about the plan.
Your friend: Maybe you're right.
a. Take a look at
b. Go ahead
c. Sorry I am late
d. Sorry to interrupt

5. Complete the following conversation.
Supervisor: . . . . . . . . to the following instructions. So you can make the product correctly.
Employees: Yes sir.
a. Eyes on me
b. Pay attention
c. Hey
d. Excuse me

6. The following expressions are used to ask for someone's attention in informal way, except.
a. Attention please
b. Sorry to interrupt
c. Have a look at
d. So now, listen to

7. Complete the following conversation.
Richard: I've been looking for you since this morning.
Scott: I've been busy in my office.
Richard: . . . . . . . . There's something we need to discuss.
a. Could we talk?
b. May I have your attention?
c. Are you busy?
d. Do you know?

8. Complete the following conversation.
Libby: Excuse me sir, could I speak with you for a second?
Mr. Chang: . . . . . . . . .
Libby: I want to ask about your task you've given me yesterday.
Mr. Chang: Okay, please have a seat.
a. What happened?
b. What do you need?
c. What can I do for you?
d. What do you want?

9. Complete the following conversation.
Teacher: In this era of the internet, people spend their time more in the internet than in the real world. We are going to learn more about internet phenomena on this chapter. Please open . .
Student: . . . . . . .
Teacher: Yes, please.
Student: Does this chapter also will discuss about industry 4.0?
Teacher: Absolutely.
a. Could I just ask?
b. Are you free for a moment?
c. Are you sure?
d. May I have your attention?

10. Attention everyone!, Excuse me, . . . . . . . . Captain Nemo will give an announcement.
I need you to listen to him carefully.
a. Are you free at this moment?
b. Please look at
c. Do you understand?
d. May I have your attention please?


Read the following conversation and then answer the questions

One day in a company, at the office room.

Muiguel: I want all managers of each division prepares their employees for an important inspection next Friday.

Hugo: There will be another inspection? I thought we had been inspected last month.

Miguel: Yes, but this one will be more important.

Jonathan: (knock, knock) Excuse me, . . .

Hugo: How important?

Miguel: The last inspection was for IT division only. The next inspection will be for all divisions.

Hugo: Oh my God, it will be huge.

Jonathan: Excuse me sir, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Miguel: Yes, what's wrong? We're having a discussion.

Jonathan: I'm really sorry sir, but this is important.

Hugo: Tell me what's so important?

Jonathan: The board director is already here. He's waiting for you at his office.

Miguel: How long has he been at his office?

Jonathan: About 15 minutes.

Miguel: Seriously?

Jonathan: Yes sir.

Miguel: Thanks for telling us. Let's meet him.

Hugo: Okay.

Jonathan: Good luck sir.


1. What are Miguel and Hugo discussing about?

2. How many times does Jonathan try to interrupt Miguel and Hugo? Why does he do that?

3. What does Jonathan say to get Miguel and Hugo's attention?

4. What does Miguel say to respond Jonathan?

5. What do Miguel and Hugo do after Jonathan telling why he interrupts?

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