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Contoh Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggirs Kelas 9

Soal ulangan harian yang terdiri dari berbagai materi seperti notice, descriptive text, question tag, simple present tense, congratulating someone dan announcement.
Contoh soal ulangan harian berikut disertai dengan kunci jawaban pada bagian akhir soal.
Berikut contoh soal ulangan Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 selengkapnya.

Multiple choice test

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

1. Complete the following conversation.
Mila : what, it’s a nice day, isn’t it?
Dodi : yes, it’s good for fishing.
Mila : how about going fishing to Marina beach?
Dodi : . . . . . . . . I have to stay at home.
a. Forgive me, please.
b. Excuse me, Reza.
c. I’m afraid, I can’t.
d. I’m not afraid.

2. Complete the following conversation.
Tia : Oh, my thumb hurt. Can you get me “Betadine”, please? It is on the table.
Galuh : . . . . . . . . . . . here it is.
a. Of course you are
b. I doubt
c. Never mind
d. Certainly

3. Complete the following conversation.
Mr. Karno : Do you ever come to school late?
Andri : No, Sir. I never come to school late.
Mr. Karno : That’s good. But how come?
Andri : Because I . . . . . . . go to school early.
a. Always
b. Really
c. Seldom
d. Sometime

Pay attention to the following notice!

Contoh Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

4. The notice means that. . . . .
a. The pedestrians are welcome to walk there
b. The pedestrians may walk there
c. The pedestrians must walk there
d. The pedestrians are not allowed to walk there

Text for questions number 5 – 6 

This is Mr. Burhan’s house. It is big, clean and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the house. There are some plants and flowers in the garden! There is a living room, a dining room, there bathrooms, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a garage. Mr. Burhan has some pets; a dog, a cat, and a parrot. Mr. Burhan takes care of the pets very carefully.

5. It is big, clean and comfortable.
The underlined word means . . . . . . . . . .
a. Beautiful
b. Unattractive
c. Uninteresting
d. Enjoyable

6. Mr. Burhan has some pets; a dog, a cat, and a parrot.
The word “pets” means . . . . . . . . . . .
a. Tame animals
b. Beautiful animals
c. Favorite animals kept at house
d. Tame animals kept at the zoo

Text for questions number 7 – 8 

Dear Jack,
I heard that you have passed the final exam and got the highest score in English subject at your school.
Congratulations! You deserved it.
Auntie Jeanie

7. Why does Jeanie send this card to Jack?
a. His exam was difficult to do
b. She wants to congratulate Jack
c. She wants to tell that Jack should study hard
d. He wants to be successful in the exam

8. Who is the writer of the text above?
a. Jeanie
b. Someone
c. The reader
d. Jack

Text for question number 9

For students of grade IX
The school will hold several competitions in July.
Please join.
For more information, contact Bambang at the Students Association office.

9. Whom does the school invite to join the competitions?
a. The students Association members
b. The winners of the school competitions
c. Students of grade IX
d. All students from that school

10. Complete the following conversation.
Mother : What are you looking for?
Lina : Some food. I am starving.
Mother : It’s in the fridge.
Lina : . . . . . . . . . . . nothing left, mom.
a. There are
b. There is
c. There isn’t
d. There aren’t

Kunci Jawaban Contoh Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

1. c
2. a
3. a
4. d
5. d
6. c
7. b
8. a
9. c
10. b

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