Soal PAS Kelas 10 Bahasa Inggris

Ini adalah postingan ke enam tentang soal PAS. Sebelumnya DBI telah menyusun soal PAS dari berbagai tingkatan, mulai dari tingkat SMP kelas VII, VIII, IX kemudian dilanjut dengan tingkat SMA / SMK kelas XI dan kelas XII.

Pada kesempatan kali ini pun DBI masih akan membahas soal PAS. Agak sedikit bingung apa yang harus ditulis pada bagian paragraf pembuka ini, ide-ide sudah hampir mulai terkuras habis. Initinya adalah postingan ini berisi tentang soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas X.
Selamat mengerjakan.

Multiple Choice

Answer the following questions by choosing a, b, c or d!

1. Complete the dialogue below.
Me: I . . . . . . . . introduce myself, My name is Kenji, I'm 16 years old. I'm from Semarang. Nice to meet you.
Friends: Nice to meet you too Kenji.
a. Can
b. Would like
c. Could
d. May

2. Complete the dialogue below.
Sarah: Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. I am Sarah. I live in Jakarta. . . . . . .
New friend: Hi Sarah, welcome to our class, glad to meet you too.
a. I want to meet you
b. How are you?
c. Thank you
d. Glad to meet you

3. Complete the dialogue below.
Teacher: Ok class. Today is really special because we have a new member of this class. Ok guys, . . . . . . Monita.
Students: Hello Monita.
Monita: Hi, Let me introduce myself. I am Monita. I am from Tasikmalaya. . . . . . . Nita. It's nice to meet you.
Students: Nice to meet you too.
a. Meet  - Just call me
b. I am  - My nick name is
c. She is  - This is
d. Introduce  - You can call me

4. Complete the dialogue below.
Officer: . . . . . . . . ?
Lenni: Yes Sir. My name is Lenni. I'm 17 years old. I am a student of SMK Kartini, and I live in Yogyakarta.
a. Where do you live
b. What's your name
c. Who are you
d. Can you tell me about yourself

Pay attention to a family tree below to answer questions number 5 - 7.

Soal PAS Kelas 10 Bahasa Inggris

5. What is Mrs. Ingrid to Luvita?
a. Mother
b. Grandmother
c. Aunt
d. Uncle

6. What is relationship between Nikki and Arif?
a. Kinsman
b. Nephew
c. Cousin
d. Sibling

7. What is Latif to Hasby?
a. Aunt
b. Uncle
c. Son
d. Nephew

8. You should meet . . . . friend, . . . . . name is Arfan. . . . . has the same hobby like you.
a. My  -  he  -  his
b. His  -  his  -  he
c. Our  -  he  -  his
d. My  -  his  -  he

9. We are a solid team. . . . . motto is no one left behind.
a. Us
b. Our
c. They
d. Their

10. She is Carla. . . . . is a friend of . . . . . . Carla is nice person. . . . . attitude is nice
a. She  -  mine  -  her
b. He  -  her  -  mine
c. She  -  you  -  her
d. He  -  mine  -  his

11. Complete the dialogue below.
Ilham: Sir, this is the design you asked me yesterday. Does this meet your expectation?
Mr. Riana: Wow, . . . . . . . this is exactly what I ask you to do.
Ilham: Thank you sir.
a. How smart you are.
b. What a smart boy.
c. You look great!
d. Well done!

12. Complete the dialogue below.
Thomas: Whoa, look at that!
Lincon: Why man? Stop it.
Thomas: Is that dark green?
Lincon: Yup, what do you think?
Thomas: That is awesome. . . . . . . . . . . . with that new hair color.
Lincon: Thank you man.
a. You look ordinary
b. You look bizarre
c. You look so cool
d. You look the same

13. Complete the dialogue below.
Vienna: You should try these cookies. I made it.
Willy: Okay.
Vienna: How is it?
Willy: . . . . . . . . . . .
Vienna: Really?
Willy: Yes. I think you should sell it. People will like it.
a. What a delightful cookie
b. What a bitter cookie
c. How a nice cookie
d. How sweet is the cookie

14. Complete the dialogue below.
Monica: I like your new house. It's more fresh. I like your interior. You've designed it very well.
Ovie: . . . . . . . . . . . . .
a. What a nice house
b. How beautiful your house is
c. No problem
d. Thank you so much for saying so

15. Complete the dialogue below.
James: From the beginning when you told me that you would join the contest, I have a good feeling about you. You are a persistent person. I believe in you, now look at you. You are the champion.
. . . . . . . . .
Scott: Thank you for your appreciation.
a. How terrible you are
b. How impressive you are
c. What a spectacular contest
d. What an amazing championship

16. Complete the dialogue below.
Rachel: What . . . . . . . after graduating?
Jason: I hope I can continue to university.
a. is your hope
b. I will do
c. won't you do
d. will you do

17. Which one of the following sentences is correct?
a. This article is going to viral.
b. I am going to bought a meal.
c. Today is going to rain.
d. My team are going to face Alex's team tomorrow.

18. Complete the dialogue below.
Chan: What will you do with that axe?
Lee: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
a. Lee will use the axe.
b. Chan will cut woods with the axe.
c. I will cut some woods with this axe.
d. He will cut some woods by using the axe.

19. "Kemana kamu akan menghabiskan akhir pekanmu?"
Change into English!
a. When will you spend your weekend?
b. When you will spend your weekend?
c. Where will you spend your weekend?
d. Where you will spend your weekend?

20. "17 orang petani akan memanen buah apel besok."
Change into English!
a. 17 farmers are going to harvest oranges tomorrow.
b. 17
farmers is going to harvest orange fruit tomorrow.
c. 17 farmers were going to harvest oranges tomorrow.
d. 17 farmer was going to harvest orange tomorrow.

Read the text below to answer questions no 21 - 23.

Siddik is my close friend since elementary school.
He lives next to me. His house is across to mine.

Siddik has thin body. His face is round and his hair is short and black.
Siddik has a good personality. He cares to his friends.
Siddik is a good person and also cheerful. Every time Siddik's friends are sad Siddik will be around to make everyone happy. He will try to make a joke and make the situation cheerful.
Siddik loves to play futsal. He is always be the captain of the team because he is good at it.
I have been friend with Siddik until we graduated from college. After graduating Siddik doesn't live next to me anymore. He moves out of town because he works there.
I am little bit sad because I don't have any friend since he moved.
But I am happy because He finally gets the job he wants.
He works at a company in Bandung as an IT technician. Since High school he is interested to IT, and finally he gets a job as an IT technician.

Although we live in a different town, but we still communicate each other.
Sometimes we meet at holiday and he looks different now.
He looks mature now, and he is more calm.
We will always be friends until both of us are old.

21. What is the best title for the text above?
a. Siddik the funny person
b. A friendly boy Siddik
c. Siddik's personality
d. My Childhood friend Siddik

22. Based on the text above, what kind of person Siddik is?
a. Siddik is an introvert.
b. Siddik is a good person, caring and cheerful.
c. Siddik is a quiet person.
d. Siddik is a smart, loyal and cheerful.

23. What kind of text is the text above?
a. Recount text
b. Report text
c. Descriptive text
d. Narrative text

Read the text below to answer questions no 24 - 26.

This information is for all of the passengers of Quick Train.
Due to the maintenance of some railway in District 17, we have to make a change to our schedule.
The first departure schedule from Viola station will be at 6:00 a.m. And the route will be change from Bellinton to Gorneo.
This temporary schedule will be valid for one month until next December.
We hope this information will be helpful for all of the passengers of Quick Train so no passenger will miss the train.
We're sorry for this inconvenience.
For more information you can call our hotline at 09783929

24. What is the text about?
a. Train departure schedule.
b. The maintenance of railway.
c. The information about schedule change of Quick Train.
d. The information about Quick Train route.

25. "We're sorry for this inconvenience.
The underlined word has the closest meaning with . . . . .
a. bother
b. convenience
c. comfort
d. ease

26. Complete the dialogue below.
Anis: What did you do last Saturday?
Yudi: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
a. I have accompanied my brother to a book shop.
b. I will accompany my brother to a book shop.
c. I accompany my brother to a book shop.
d. I accompanied my brother to a book shop.

27. Rewrite the sentence below into simple past tense form!
"Romi receives a mysterious package."
a. Romi received a mysterious package.
b. Romi will received a mysterious package.
c. Romi is going to receive a mysterious package.
d. Romi has received a mysterious package.

28. Complete the dialogue below.
Nuri: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?
Ardi: I submitted my resume 30 minutes ago.
a. Where did you submitted your resume
b. Where did you submit your resume
c. When do you submit your resume
d. When did you submit your resume

29. The negative form of the sentence below is . . . . .
"When I was a senior high school student, I did a lot of mistake."
a. When I wasn't a senior high school student, I did a lot of mistake.
b. When I was a senior high school student, I do a lot of mistake.
c. When I was a senior high school student, I didn't a lot of mistake.
d. When I wasn't a senior high school student, I didn't a lot of mistake.

30. "Mobilku menabrak sebuah pohon tiga hari yang lalu."
Change into English!
a. My car hit a tree three days ago.
b. My car hitted a tree three days ago.
c. My car hit a tree three days later.
d. My car will hit a tree three days from now.


Read the text below then answer the questions.

Inside Out Seeping Bag

I and two of my friends Habib and Daryl planned to go camping at semester holiday.
That was Daryl's idea, because I never went camping before, but I was excited because I never did it before so I decided to join them.
We went to camp site on Saturday, we planned to camp for three days.

After we arrived at the camp site, we built our tent and so far everything ran well.
We had a good time together. In the night we set a bonfire. We played guitar around the bonfire and sang a song together. That was really fun.
After the night got late, we decided to go sleep. Habib and Daryl went sleep first. I was still preparing my sleeping bag, and that was my first time using sleeping bag. After I opened the zipper and I slept in the sleeping bag and I slept.

In the night I woke up because it was really hot, so I decided to take my shirt off then back to sleep. After few minutes it still felt hot so I took my singlet off then I tried to sleep.
I couldn't sleep after that. In fact, I still felt hot. I didn't understand why. I looked around to see Habib and Daryl. They were sleeping under the blanket. It didn't make any sense for me, why they used the blanket while I felt so hot and couldn't even sleep because of that.
I was too tired to figure it out. All I wanted was sleeping at that time. I took my pants off so I could feel little bit cool. I only wore shorts and tried back to sleep.
Although it still felt hot but it was better than before so finally I could sleep for few hours.

The following morning we woke up. Daryl and Habib went swimming at the river. I still felt so sleepy because I was sleepless but I decided to woke up and join Habib and Daryl in the river.
After finished swimming we back to our tent. I asked Daryl and Habib did they feel hot last night?
They said no, in fact last night was cold. I didn't understand so I told them that I felt so hot all night long.
Then they asked what I used to sleep? I said I used sleeping bag.
Daryl checked my sleeping bag and said there was no wrong about my sleeping bag, the only wrong was me.
He said I used my sleeping bag wrong way. I used the outside part of my sleeping bag that has thick part as an inside part, and the inside part that had soft part was at the outside. That's why I felt hot all night long.
Daryl and Habib laughed at me, they said I needed to learn a lot from them.


1. How many people in the story above? Mention them!

2. When did the writer and his friends go camping?

3. Why did the writer feel hot?

4. How did the writer know that he used his sleeping bag wrong way?

5. What was the writer's reaction after they knew the writer used his sleeping bag wrong way?

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