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Soal Bahasa Inggris PTS Kelas 12 Semester Genap

Siswa dan siswi tingkat 12 akan mendapatkan serangkaian test pada akhir semester genap ini. Salah satunya mungkin adalah evaluasi tengah semester ini.

Kali ini kita akan melihat apakah waktu yang kita habiskan selama setengah semester benar-benar efektif untuk memahami berbagai materi yang telah diberikan.

Untuk itu berikut soal Bahasa Inggris PTS kelas 12 semester genap sebagai bahan evaluasi atau penilaian tengah semester pada semester genap ini. Soal telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban dan dapat di download dalam bentuk file PDF.

Soal Bahasa Inggris PTS Kelas 12 Semester Genap

Multiple choice test

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

The text below is for question number 1 - 5

Hurricane Matthew Threatens The U.S.

Hurricane Matthew is still a category 4 hurricane at this time. That is a major hurricane.
A very powerful storm still with winds at 145 mph. You will notice that it's now moving north at 10 mph meaning it has picked up in forward speed. It made landfall on the western tip of Haiti and now we're waiting it to make landfall on the eastern tip of Cuba. Still as a category 4 storm and remaining as a category 4 storm as it moves through the Bahamas as we go into Wednesday and into Thursday as well.

NASA really is under the gun here with this storm as it is expected to make landfall right around there by the time we get into Thursday morning as a category 4 storm.
Then here's the coast of United States (West Palm Beach, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston) and look at how closely the track from the National Hurricane Center parallels the coastline. But I want to point out this hurricane's trajectory of uncertainty if it shifts a little farther to the west we could have much bigger implications for the east coast of Florida also through north and south Carolina and then eventually we have to wait and see what happens once we get through the weekend and past this point in Charleston.

But still the National Hurricane Center keeping it as a category 2 storm through the Carolina. And even as a category 1 storm by Sunday at 8 a.m. just off the coast of Long Island New York. So that's why this hurricane's trajectory of uncertainty is such an important area to watch it's not the line.
It's that hurricane's trajectory because it could shift a little bit farther to the west meaning more implications a little farther to the east. It means things would get better. But it hasn't really been trending in that eastern way. Now we do have tropical alerts all across the Caribbean. And even the east coast of Florida under hurricane watches from Melbourne down to West Palm Beach and also down through Miami. We do have that tropical storm watch.

source: NBC News

1. According to the text, the hurricane is a category 4 hurricane. What does it mean?
A. The hurricane is small
B. The hurricane is great
C. The hurricane is low
D. The hurricane is fast

2. What kind of news is the news above?
A. Criminal news
B. Economic news
C. Weather forecast
D. Sport news

3. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
A. The hurricane's motion
B. The hurricane's speed
C. The hurricane's strike points
D. The hurricane's start point

4. "NASA really is under the gun here with this storm"
The underlined words mean . . . .
A. On leisure
B. Under pressure
C. Under attack
D. Beneath the gun

5. From the text above, we know that the hurricane will change from category 4 to category 1 on . . . . . in . . . . .
A. Wednesday - Bahamas
B. Sunday - Long Island New York
C. Thursday - Charleston
D. Sunday - Carolina

The text below is for question number 6 - 10

3 Teenagers Arrested after Violent, Armed Bank Robbery

It's just about closing time and everything looks normal until three guys in hoodies run in.
A lucky customer leaves before things get violent while two suspects rough up the tellers. The other walks around with a gun. A woman sitting in her car sees it all and phones 911.

"We were on the scene within minutes. Thanks to that concerned citizen calling it in." (Const. Laura Nicolle  - York Regional Police) said.
But the suspects were inside long enough to stab to employees and assault two others including a woman, kicking them in the face when they were down.
"The suspects fled on foot and they ended up here. Hiding out in one of these town homes under construction. I would say if you were running at full speed which these guys definitely were, you could get here within about two minutes. And the police weren't far behind." (Ali Chiasson - CBC News) reported.
"We utilized our emergency response unit as well as our K9 unit as well as a helicopter from Durham Regional Police." (Const. Laura Nicolle  - York Regional Police) added.

The injured bank staff are said to be okay. The suspects unnamed they're young offenders aged 16, 15, and 13.
"Despite their young ages, these are very serious charges that these individuals are facing." (Const. Laura Nicolle  - York Regional Police) said.
Charges include robbery with a firearm and aggravated assault.
"Are we seeing lots of bank robberies happen in the region? That I can say is we've had more this year in 2020. So only and you know these just January in February than what we've had in an entire year in the past." (Const. Laura Nicolle  - York Regional Police) added.
And the violecne is increasing as well.
"Most of the cases that we've had, you know the suspects go into the bank whether they actually obtained money or not. They typically leave without causing any physical injuries to anyone. In this case I mean it's very shocking." (Const. Laura Nicolle  - York Regional Police) said.
The bank was closed today. The victims are recovering in hospital.

Allie chefs on CBC News Markham

source: CBC News: The National

6. "two suspects rough up the tellers" (paragraph 1)
What is the meaning of the underlined words?
A. Treat properly
B. Treat gently
C. Treat violently
D. Treat impolitely

7. How could the police response / knew the robbery?
A. A woman called 911
B. The teller pushed emergency button
C. The police was patrolling at the crime scene
D. Lucky customer left and reported to the police

8. Where did the police caught the suspects?
A. At the bank
B. At one of under construction town house
C. Outside of the bank
D. At one of suspects' home

9. What did the suspects charge with?
A. Robbery and aggravated assault
B. Robbery and kidnapping
C. Aggravated assault and kidnapping
D. Robbery and Narcotic

10. What kind of news is the news above?
A. Criminal news
B. Economic news
C. Weather forecast
D. Human trafficking news

The text below is for question number 11 - 13

Boba is a popular drink nowadays. And this is the process of making the boba.

First, in a pot, add in 1 quart of water. And bring it to a boil.
Then add in 1 cup of quick boba. And cook for 5 minutes.
Stirring occasionally. When cooking boba it's good to add generous amount of water. Just like when cooking pasta.
Then remove from heat, and let sit for 2 minutes. This way the boba becomes chewier.
Then drain boba into a colander, and wash with cold water. You can see boba is giant black pearl tapioca.
Now boba can be used for bubble tea.
It can be also refrigerated in an air tight container for about five days.

Enjoy your boba!

adapted from: Eugine Kitchen

11. What is the best title for the text above?
A. How to make bubble tea
B. How to make smoothy drink
C. How to produce boba
D. How to cook chewy boba for bubble tea

12. "add in 1 quart of water."
What is the meaning of quart?
A. The tool used to make boba
B. Measure unit for liquid
C. The ingredient to make boba
D. The liquid material

13. What is boba made of?
A. Pasta
B. Pearl
C. Tapioca
D. Tea

The text below is for question number 14 - 1

How to use a washing machine

Step 1, you will need one washing machine, one pile of dirty laundry, one box of washing powder, one bottle of fabric softener.

Step 2, separate the washing into coloreds and whites. And decide which pile you want to do first.
If you wash them all together the result would be the whites would go all grey and dingy and you wouldn't want that, would you?

Step 3, load up. Take your chosen pile of washing machine and then load it. But don't overload it. If you do overload it, the powder can get clogged and in extreme cases that could even flood your home.

Step 4, add your cleaning products. Next you need to locate the small drawer at the top left of the washing machine. There you will find two or three small compartments. The smallest compartment usually has a filter. And that is for the fabric conditioner. The largest compartment is for the washing powder. If you have liquid tablets put them in there. They need to go in the washing machine and they go in the drum underneath all the clothes.

Step 5, choose your temperature. If you have delicate in your load make sure you set your washing machine to low temperature 40 should be good. If you have cotton's that are colorfast stained badly and have been washed plenty of time, you can set to a higher heat between 60 and 90 degrees. However it's preferable to be eco-friendly. So unless your clothes are really dirty, set to lower heat.

Step 6, Unload. When the cycle is finished, the door will remain locked few minutes. Don't force it open. It's meant to do this in case all the water hasn't drained yet.
Now when it's unlocked, open the door and remove the clothes put them on washing line or in the tumble dryer.

source: Videojug

14. "And decide which pile you want to do first'"
The underlined word refers to . . . . .
A. Washing machine
B. Clothes
C. Washing powder
D. Fabric softener

15. What should we do when we wash soft clothes?
A. Wash at high temperature higher than 40
B. Wash at low temperature about 40
C. Wash at higher temperature about 60
D. Wash at lowest temperature lower than 40

16. What should we do before loading the clothes into the washing machine?
A. Pour the washing powder
B. Turn on the washing machine
C. Separate the clothes by its color
D. Choose the temperature

17. Change into English!
"Unduh filenya dengan menekan tombol download."
A. Upload the file with push the download button.
B. I upload the file with push the download button.
C. I download the file by clicking the download button.
D. Download the file by clicking the download button.

18. Arrange into correct order!
(1) Next, choose printer property to set the document size.
(2) First, push Ctrl + P to print the document.
(3) Click print and wait until the printing process finish.
(4) After you set the document size, orientation and other setting, click ok.
A. (2) - (3) - (1) - (4)
B. (2) - (4) - (1) - (3)
C. (2) - (1) - (4) - (3)
D. (2) - (1) - (3) - (4)

19. "Insert the disc when the tray opens."
Where can we find such instruction?
A. The process of open your file form CD
B. The process of how to use vending machine
C. The process of watching movie on your smartphone
D. The process of using the ATM

20. We could use the following sequencer at the end of the process.
A. After that
B. Finally
C. Next
D. Then

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Kunci jawaban soal Bahasa Inggris PTS kelas 12 semester genap

1. B
2. C
3. A
4. B
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6. C
7. A
8. B
9. A
10. A

11. D
12. B
13. C
14. B
15. B

16. C
17. D
18. C
19. A
20. B

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