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Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Genap Kelas 9 SMP

Paket soal berikut merupakan soal penilaian tengah semester kelas 9 untuk semester genap. Soal terdiri dari 30 soal pilihan ganda dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban.
Berikut soal PTS Bahasa Inggris genap kelas 9 SMP selengkapnya.

Multiple choice test

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

The text below is for question number 1 - 5

The Oak and The Reed

The oak tree was very arrogant. He was proud of himself. He claimed that no other trees are as great him. "My trunk is big and strong. My branches are thick and plenty. And my green leaves are shiny." The oak tree would snicker at the reed because it was bending with the breeze. "Reed oh reed. How do you survive with your weak little stalk? Even with the slightest breeze, you move here and there, here and there. Ha ha ha ha." But no matter what the oak tree said, the reed just swayed back and forth quietly. 

One day, a storm hit, with lightning and thunder hit. "I'm going to be fine because I have big strong body But, what about you?" said the oak. The oak stood strong and proud that he can fought the storm. But suddenly, a huge wind snapped the oak's trunk in half. The reed finally spoke, "Hey oak tree, it's good that you have strong body, but sometimes, it's more important to bend with the wind." The reed continued to bend until the storm ended.

source: The Oak and The Reed | Aesop's Fables | Pinkfong Story Time for Children

1. Why did the oak tree become proud of himself?
A. He has strong power
B. He has big and strong trunk
C. No other trees are as great as him
D. He survived the big storm

2. What is the purpose of telling the story?
A. To entertain the readers with a story about oak tree and the reed
B. To tell about oak tree
C. To explain about oak tree and the reed
D. To describe about reed

3. How was the oak tree when the storm ended?
A. He survived
B. He swayed quietly
C. He stood strong and fought the storm
D. He cut in half

4. What can we learn from the story?
A. Don't be arrogant
B. We can do anything we want
C. We must have a strong will
D. Never give up easily

5. "a huge wind snapped the oak's trunk in half."
The underlined word has similar meaning with . . . . .
A. Very powerful
B. Very small
C. Very strong
D. Very big

The text below is for question number 6 - 10

Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Genap Kelas 9 SMP


Daisy flower (Chrysanthemom leuchanthemum), is a popular flower. Daisy is simple and elegant. It brings beauty everywhere it grew. This flower commonly has white petals and a yellow center. Sometimes, the petals are in pink shade. This flower is perennial bloomer, meaning it blooms yearly. The daisy leaves are edible and commonly used in salad. If grown in cold weather, daisy should be planted in layers of rotten straw. And important to plant with fertilizer. 
This flower usually grows along the road side and fields.

African daisy, Painted daisy, Greber daisy and michaelmas daisy are the types of this flower.
Greber daisy represents beauty and cheerfulness. It is believed that giving daisy to the others can represent the passing of a secret because daisy represents truth. The daisy also symbolizes innocence, a loyal love and gentleness. The other name of Daisy is Day's eye, as its bright yellow center.

source: Facts About Daisy Flowers Brainy Garden

6. The text above intends to . . . . .
A. To tell the readers about daisy in general
B. To describe a flower
C. To explain many kinds of daisy
D. To talk about the meaning of daisy flowers

7. What is being talked in paragraph 2?
A. Daisy's physical description
B. Daisy's characteristics
C. Kinds of daisy's meaning
D. Ways to take care of daisy

8. How many types of daisy are there?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

9. Why is daisy being called as "day's eye"?
A. Because it has bright yellow center
B. Because its color is white and yellow
C. Because it is beautiful
D. Because it represents beauty and cheerfulness

10. "The daisy leaves are edible." It means, it is . . . . .
A. Poisonous
B. Consumable
C. Dangerous
D. Beautiful

11. Change into passive voice!
"The dentist examines my teeth."
A. My teeth is examined by the dentist
B. My teeth were examined by the dentist
C. My teeth are examines by the dentist
D. My teeth are examined by the dentist

The text below is for question number 12 - 16

How the dragons came to be

In a small village in China, there lived a boy named Chi Yu with his mother. They live in a small house surrounded by lovely green meadows covered with fresh green grass. Every morning Chi Yu went out in the morning to the meadows, cut the grass and put it in a basket. Then, he took it to the farmer Hieun Tse, who fed his cows with it. In return, Chi Yu got a jar of rice form him.

Suddenly, there were no rains in that place for two years. All the green grass turned brown and dry. Chi Yu searched everywhere for some green grass for the farmers' cow, but couldn't find.
One day, he noticed small area of fresh green grass in the field. He cut it and took it to the farmer. He went there every day and the grass always grew. Few days alter, he found a small shiny bead in the grass he slashed. He was amazed then took it home and hid it in an empty rice jar.

In the morning, he was surprised because the empty jar was now filled with rice. Every time Chi Yu emptied the jar, it would fill up again. Chi Yu realized that the bead was a magic bead. He was very kind and shared the rice with entire village. Everyone so happy, except the farmer. His cows were starving without the grass and he wanted the magic bead for himself. He offered everything in exchange for the bead, but Chi Yu refused. The farmer then decided to steal it.

At night, while Chi Yu was sleeping. The farmer quietly entered. His house and was about to steal the bead. But Chi Yu woke up at the sound. Chi Yu rushed to it and swallowed the bead.
Chi Yu did not realize that it was not a good thing to do. The bead started burning inside his body and he felt extremely thirsty. He drank all the water in the house. Then he drank all the water from  all houses in the village. He also drank all the water from the water. The lake and the river. Chi Yu did not feel better. He became hotter and hotter, then started breathing fire. Yellow and orange flames came out of his mouth. He then changed into a creature that breathed fire. Unfortunately, he could no longer live in the village and had to go from that village.

source: International Folk Tales for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocom | Mocomikids

12. Why did Chi Yu give grass to the farmer?
A. He was the farmer's worker
B. He got rice in return
C. He did it for money
D. He was kind and gave the grass for free

13. From the text we know that . . . . .
A. Chi Yu turned into a dragon who breathed yellow and orange flame
B. The farmer could no longer live in the village
C. The farmer stole and finally owned the bead
D. Swallowing the bead was the best choice Chi Yu does

14. How was the characteristics of Chi Yu?
A. Kind and generous
B. Greedy but helpful
C. Diligent and kind
D. Kind but greedy

15. Why was the farmer unhappy about Chi Yu's magic bead?
A. His cows were starving and he also wanted the bead
B. Chi Yu refused to sell the bead
C. He didn't get the rice from Chi Yu
D. The bead made green grass turned brown and dry

16. What is the moral message of the story above?
A. Don't steal other's stuff
B. Don't be too kind to others
C. Don't be a greedy person
D. We should plan everything well

17. Change this sentence into active form.
"The mail is delivered to office by the postman."
A. The postman delivers the mail to my office
B. The postman deliver the mail to my office
C. The postman is delivering mail to my office
D. The postman delivered mail to my office

18. A loud sound was . . . . . by everybody yesterday.
A. hear
B. hearing
C. heard
D. hears

19. Change into passive voice.
"She was feeding the bird."
A. The bird is fed by her.
B. The bird was fed by her.
C. The bird was feeding by her.
D. The bird was feeds by her.

20. The romance novel . . . . . read by her now.
A. was
B. were
C. was being
D. are being

21. The show was so boring . . . . . the audiences left early.
A. because
B. although
C. but
D. so

22. The test is hard . . . . . he can do it fast.
A. although
B. so
C. but
D. therefore

23. Nadia comes to the seminar . . . . . she's sick today.
A. therefore
B. although
C. so
D. because

The text below is for question number 24 - 28


Moon is the earth's satellite. It is the only satellite that rotates around earth. It rotates around the earth in 28 days. Because it takes the same amount to rotate on its own axis and to completely goes around the earth. The moon always shows us the same face. When we observe the moon along the period of time, it appears to change shape. There are four phases of moon; full moon, first quarter, new moon and last quarter.
The moon phases occurs because of two reasons. They are the movement of the moon around the earth and the moon reflects light from the sun as a mirror. Although it looks like not that far away, the moon is about 385.000 Km from the earth.
A rocket takes three days to get to the moon. The first astronaut that stepped on this satellite was Neil Armstrong by using Apollo II in 1969. The moon is 4 times smaller than the earth, but it is very important for the sustainability of our planet's life.


24. What is the moon?
A. a planet
B. a star
C. a satellite
D. a galaxy

25. Which statement is true about the moon?
A. Moon is only rotating on its own axis
B. The moon is smaller than the earth
C. Moon is one of the earth's satellites
D. Moon shines by its own

26. Why does moon always shows the same face?
A. Because the moon takes the same amount of time to rotate on its own axis and to go around the earth
B. Because it has many phases
C. Because moon reflects the light from the sun
D. Because moon is rotating around the earth

27. How many phase does the moon have?
A. Two
B. Twenty eight
C. Four
D. Three hundred eighty five hundred thousand

28. Why is moon important for earth?
A. For continuity of our planet's life
B. It's a satellite
C. The moon moves around the planets
D. The moon is near to the earth

29. Have you . . . . . Parasite movie? Its won Oscar.
A. see
B. saw
C. seen
D. seeing

30. She has not . . . . . love letters.
A. writes
B. write
C. wrote
D. written

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Kunci jawaban soal PTS Bahasa Inggris genap kelas 9 SMP

1. B     16. C
2. A     17. A
3. D     18. C
4. A     19. B
5. D     20. D

6. A     21. D
7. C     22. C
8. D     23. B
9. A     24. C
10. B   25. B

11. D   26. A
12. B   27. C
13. A   28. A
14. D   29. C
15. A   30. D

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