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Download Soal PG Too and Enough

Ada yang tau Thanos? Salah satu villain marvel yang cukup terkenal. 
Thanos dikenal dengan idealismenya yang menginginkan keseimbangan di dunia.
Not too much, or not too little. Everything should perfectly balance.

Artikel kali ini tidak ada hubungannya dengan Thanos, itu hanyalah sebuah kalimat pembuka untuk mentrigger kembali ingatan kita tentang materi too and enough.

Seperti halnya Thanos yang tidak menginginkan "too" di alam semesta ini, 😁 karena kita tau "too" memiliki konotasi negatif seperti yang telah kita jelaskan pada materi too and enough sebelumnya.

Untuk mengasah kembali pemahaman tentang materi too and enough, kali ini kita akan berlatih pada soal latihan pilihan ganda.

Tidak usah berlama-lama lagi berikut soal PG too and enough selengkapnya.

DBI - Soal PG Too and Enough

Multiple choice test too and enough

Choose a, b, c or d for the correct answer.

1. Thanos thinks there are . . . . . people in this universe. That's why he snaps a half of population.
a. so many
b. enough
c. too many
d. too much

2. Relax man, we have . . . . time to finish the mission.
a. too
b. enough
c. so
d. little

3. Emanuel: Why is Luigi staying outside? Let's go inside and join the class.
Tarra: Luigi is staying outside because he's 10 minutes late. And you come after Luigi. You can't go inside, you are . . . . .
a. too late
b. too early
c. enough time
d. punctual enough

4. Alex: Why did you leave Alina behind?
Rena: She will get the taxi.
Alex: Why didn't she just come with us? We have . . . . . . available for her.
Rena: No, there are too many bags in the car.
a. too big
b. too small
c. enough space
d. enough fuel

5. Willy is . . . . . to drive a car.
He needs to wait two more years before he gets his driving license.
a. too fast
b. too old
c. too small
d. too young

6. The plane flies . . . . . to avoid the enemy's radar.
a. too low
b. low enough
c. too high
d. high enough

7. Yona: Please don't ask Farid to come.
Detty: Why?
Yona: He's noisy. He talks . . . . .
a. enough
b. loud enough
c. too much
d. too many

8. Chris: Never talk about Ali's problem to your classmates. It's . . . . .
It's just between he and his family.
John: Ok, I get it.
a. too secret
b. enough secret
c. too personal
d. privately enough

9. Teacher: Your online test score on is 85 it's above the average. I think you are . . . . .
Ellis: Thank you Sir.
a. too lucky
b. too smart
c. smart enough
d. lucky enough

10. The waiter put . . . . . on my coffee. It's too sweet.
a. too much cream
b. too many cream
c. enough cream
d. enough coffee powder

11. I . . . . . yesterday. I am ready for the test.
a. too much study
b. study too much
c. study enough
d. studied enough

12. I found this kitten on the street alone.
I couldn't just leave it. It's . . . . cute. I want to keep it.
a. so
b. too
c. enough
d. just

13. This exercise doesn't dehydrate me because I . . . . . before the exercise.
a. enough drink
b. drank enough
c. too much drink
d. drank too much

14. Don't estimate Ardi's power. He is . . . . . to knock you down.
a. enough practice
b. exercise enough
c. strong enough
d. enough strength

15. I am so sorry I can't join you guys at the coffee shop tonight. I am . . . . . I have done many tasks today.
a. tired enough
b. so tired
c. tired too
d. too tired

16. We need to take Albert to the hospital immediately. His wound must be sutured otherwise he will lose . . . . . blood.
a. too many
b. too much
c. enough
d. little

17. During this pandemic situation we have to . . . . . vitamins to keep our immunity strong.
a. enough consumption
b. consume enough
c. eat too much
d. consume too many

18. Rose didn't cook the meat long . . . . . so the meat is a little bit raw.
a. too
b. enough
c. too fast
d. hot enough

19. Lisa has a stomachache because she ate . . . . . much. She should have eaten . . . . .
a. too - too
b. enough - enough
c. too - enough
d. enough - too

20. Most students failed on the test.
They think the test is . . . . . for them.
The fact is they did the test . . . . . so they didn't recheck their answer. Whereas they had . . . . . time.
a. enough - too fast - too difficult
b. too difficult - enough - too fast
c. too fast - too difficult - enough
d. too difficult - too fast - enough

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Answer key

Siapa tau ada yang memerlukan kunci jawaban untuk cross check silahkan cek kunci jawaban soal PG too and enough berikut.

1. c. too many
2. b. enough
3. a. too late
4. c. enough space
5. d. too young

6. b. low enough
7. c. too much
8. c. too personal
9. c. smart enough
10. a. too much cream

11. d. studied enough
12. a. so
13. b. drank enough
14. c. strong enough
15. d. too tired

16. b. too much
17. b. consume enough
18. b. enough
19. c. too - enough
20. d. too difficult - too fast - enough

Download file PDF soal PG too and enough

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