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Quit Being a "Yes-Man", Stand for Yourself!

I've been working as a team for five years.
I've been following orders without question and got the job done.
My team consists of five persons.
Each of us has to work on different field. The most important thing about our job is to reach team's target at the end of the year.

We are free to conduct our own way on the process of doing our job. The Boss will supervise periodically to make sure we do the job well.
So I try as best as I can by my own way to get the job done.

The board seems happy with my work.
They appreciate by giving me a compliment that I am good enough at handling my job.
I am thankful for that.

Being a Yes-man made me stuck in a stressful situation

The new season has come.
My team was given new target for this year.
The supervisor gave us the job description and showed us the field where we should working on.
I was not suspicious about anything because I have been given the same field for the last five years.

Something didn't feel right when I saw my working field on my schedule. It was different from my job before. And then I checked my partners' job to make sure.

It made me disappointed when I found out I was the only person who was given stressful job while my partners got easier job than me.

I tried to figure it out by myself. There was a question kept running in my head "why? why only me?".
What had I done wrong so they gave the stressful job to me? I felt like this was unfair.
We work as a team with the same goal. But I was the only one with more burdens on my shoulder.

DBI - Quit Being a "Yes-Man", Stand for Yourself!

I encountered one of supervisor and asked him if there's something wrong with the jobs distribution.
He said it was a policy. But that policy felt like a punishment for me.
Because I knew when someone did the job wrong he or she would be transferred to other field or division with stressful working environment.

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So, was I being punished?

I still didn't get the answer. But I wanted the answer, I wanted to know the reason.
The decision, the policy they had made. it made me react. I tried to make a voice so they could hear me.

And then one my workmate told me that the reason why I got more stressful job was because they thought I was good at handling my previous job.

I remembered a random quotes on the internet saying: "Have you ever stuck in a situation you wouldn't have been if only you were an asshole?"

That made me think if the reason why I ended up in a stressful job was because I had done the job well before, so what kind of reward was that?

I preferred not to do the job well if I had known I would get more stressful job after.
This didn't feel fair to me.

Somehow my job was teamwork with team's target. I wanted fair job distribution with equal burdens.
I didn't want to be the only person lying on the floor bleeding at the end of the day.

DBI - Quit Being a "Yes-Man", Stand for Yourself!

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I've been following orders without question.
I realized something, I've been a "Yes Man" this whole time. And somehow it felt like they took advantage from it.

I had to quit being a "Yes Man". I would tell them if I was not okay with the decision they had made.
I would try to make a voice now, I would tell them that I had an objection to the decision.
I would make a complaint.

I was aware they wouldn't like me after I did this.
My workmates would also thought that I was a person with bad attitude.

But all I wanted was a fair decision. I wanted equal burdens.
I had to stand for myself.
I would take the consequence after I made a complaint to them.

I had to tell them what I really felt about that situation.
If complaining was considered as bad thing, I wanted them to stop making an unfair decision. So no one had to complain about it.

And I had to ask them this question:
"If being straightforward or complaining is offensive.
and being nice is actually a disguise.
which one of those criteria is considered as good behavior?"

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