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Plus Ultra Mental Attitude

Hi everyone, it's good to see you again. This is a triviality section.
As the category name, the articles in this category is about triviality but, there's something you can learn about. I hope so 😇

Today, I will share you about my comment or opinion or something that what I feel (whatever you want to call it) about an anime.

If you are familiar with the anime Boku no hero, you must know its popular slogan "Plus Ultra". so what does Plus Ultra mean? I try to interpret it by my own language, based on what I see in that anime. (sorry if my interpretation misses, at least I try 😁)
So stay on, and this is what I can tell about "Plus Ultra" meaning.

Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academia is on going anime. The story is about 80% people on earth who was born with quirk.
And the rest 20% of them was born without quirk.

Like mostly other superhero anime, the story of My Hero Academia is about hero vs villain. The most interesting about My Hero Academia is its motto "Plus Ultra."

All Might is the number one hero, one of the main character in the anime. He is the one who always yelling "Plus Ultra" when he is in action.

The Meaning of Plus Ultra

So what does "Plus Ultra" mean?
Everyone may interpret "Plus Ultra" differently. To me "Plus Ultra" is not just a motto or a slogan. "Plus Ultra" is a positive mental attitude.

DBI - Plus Ultra Mental Attitude


Plus Ultra is not just doing the best, but it also means doing maximum effort in everything you do.
That "Plus" could be to do more, to try harder, to go further.
And "Ultra" could be to do, to try and to go beyond your limit.
Reach and fulfill your potential, and unlock yourself.

Plus Ultra also means to be limitless.
When you set a goal and you reach the goal, don't be satisfied with what you can reach currently. Challenge yourself and set next level of your goal.

Plus ultra to fulfill your true potential

One of the best scene in My Hero Academia is when All Might gives his power to Deku who was born without quirk.

All Might chooses Deku after Deku helped his friend Bakugo when no one dared to help.

DBI - Plus Ultra Mental Attitude


Deku has to train so hard to control his new power. He suffers a lot of pain because he is basically a normal person so his body can't hold the power. But he never gives up, he keeps training, he keeps trying, he breaks his limit to go beyond and Plus Ultra.

DBI - Plus Ultra Mental Attitude


Deku proofs it doesn't matter if you have a quirk or not, if you have a talent or not, as long as you have strong determination, you always can reach your dream.

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The key is to have such positive mental attitude like "Plus Ultra".
You can fulfill your true potential. All you need is to try harder, never give up, unlock yourself, break your limit, go beyond and plus ultra.

Deku's spirit and the slogan of "Plus Ultra" motivate me to keep trying on this blog.
I know, it may sound a little bit "weeaboo" for some of you. But what's wrong about that?

Uncle Vegeta once said
"Getting motivated to work out because of an anime is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you're consistently taking good care of yourself, the reason doesn't matter."

I hope you find this article useful.
Thank you for visiting Dimensi Bahasa Inggris.
"Semangat menebar manfaat."

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