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Pandemic Experience: We Can Make It Through Together

Welcome to Dimensi Bahasa Inggris. This is new category, and I call this new category "TRIVIALITY". Sometimes I like to talk or write about something that unimportant but still it has a value. So I would like to share that "triviality" thing with you guys.
Hope you would like it 😊

I've posted this article on my other blog with the address but that blog is currently inactive so I move the articles to this blog. Ok I think that's enough for the introduction. You wouldn't care about it anyway, would you? 😬
Enjoy 😉

My Pandemic Experience

I believe everyone wants certainty. Certainty in almost every single thing in their life. We want certainty about our job. We want certainty in our relationship. And of course we want certainty about our future.

But no matter how great someone promises insurance to our life, I think no one can ever insure the life itself because life is a mystery.

It doesn't matter how careful someone predicts something in life. There is always something unpredictable comes up in our life. And it's inevitable.

The year of 2020 is the proof of uncertainty and it is also the proof that life is indeed a mystery.

Plans had been made, schedules had been arranged. "Run sheet of my life" had been prepared to make sure my life went as it had been planned.

But somehow everything I had planned never went as I intended.
The pandemic, the unpredictable thing just showed up and changed everything.
Not just my plan but my life and the world itself have changed because of covid-19.

By this article I will tell you the story about how the pandemic changes my life.

I just want to share the message to my friends that we are all together in this situation and we can make it through together.

welcome to this might be a triviality but this is my true story.

We Can Make It Through Together

Hi, I'm Kim. I'm twelve grader student of a Vocational High School.

I'm not a popular student. I'm just ordinary student. I go to school at 7 and back home at 3 everyday. It seems like a boring life, doesn't it? But I love my life.

I'm about to tell you my life story during Covid-19 situation.
What I actually feel and how it affects my life.
So, sit back, relax and here we go . . .

At the end of February 2020 the media was flooded by of Covid-19 news.
I was like "wait a minute, what is this?" There were a lot of things kept running in my head about this Covid-19 things.

"What is Covid-19 anyway?", "What kind of virus is this?", "How dangerous is this virus?", "Where does this virus come from?!" I was struck by confusion and panic at the same time.

Before I could even figure it out, and got the answers to all of those questions, I was even more panic when the news showed the number of death related to Covid-19 diseases.

"Oh my . . . God, is this really happening? What is going on in this world? Is this kind of zombie apocalypse that people talk about in the internet?" I was wondering.

I was still trying to process what was going on then suddenly the government announced that teaching and learning process must be stopped.

I was happy that time. It felt like holiday season came early. Finally I didn't have to go to school I got absolute freedom.

But the happiness and excitement were over in a short moment when I realized that I was wrong. Teaching and learning process didn't stop at all. It was switched to online learning. "Hmm okay, that's fine with me, I still can enjoy being at home all day. It's still part of freedom anyway." I thought.

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So I started to get online learning. It was easy for the first month. Then I started to ask a question to my teacher. "How long should we do online learning?" I asked. My teacher replied "I'm not sure." So I spent another month for online learning, and another month and then it kept going on until the end of the semester. "Unbelievable" I said.

DBI - Pandemic Experience: We Can Make It Through Together

At that moment I realized this pandemic was the real danger.
Well, my life changed to the way I never I thought before.

I thought I would be happy when I didn't have to go to school.
I thought I would get freedom when school activity was stopped.

I was wrong. In fact, instead of being happy I just missed my friends. Instead of being free I just felt isolated.

At the first I thought Covid-19 never affected me. The truth is Covid-19 changes everything.
Covid-19 has stolen my schooltime.

At the time I tell you about this story, the pandemic itself is still happening.
I've lost my valuable moments with my friends, teachers and people I love because of this pandemic.

If this pandemic keeps going on till I graduate, I may never have beautiful high school moments to be remembered one day.

Covid-19 has stolen our moments, don't let it steal your life too.
Stay safe, stay healthy.

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We can make it through together.
My name is Kim, peace out.

Dimensi Bahasa Inggris
"Semangat menebar manfaat."

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