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I Need You Mom, I Crumble Without You

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So, one day a girl came to me with an idea. She said "I would like to join a story telling competition for the upcoming independence day. But I don't want a story of a fairytale, folklore."

"I want a story that makes me feel. Something that could arise my emotions"
And then I responded "So what have you got in mind?". Then she began to tell me the story she have made. And here is the story.

I need you mom

Sabrina was a young tough girl.
She lived with her mom in a big city.
Her dad had gone a year ago. He decided to leave Sabrina and her mom after his business was bankrupt.

It was devastating for Sabrina and her mom when her dad decided to leave them in a big city alone.
Sabrina's mom was the one who suffered the most because she had to rise her daughter alone.

Sabrina was sad and angry to her father for leaving them alone. But there's nothing she could do about it. The only choice Sabrina and her mom had was to continue on living and hopefully they would survive.

Sabrina realized living in a big city was never easy.
She knew somehow she and her mom had to survive. She had to stop lamenting the loss of his father because she knew he would never comeback. Everything would never be the same.

Sabrina become a quiet girl. She wasn't like the most of teenagers. She never hung out with her friends or actively interacted on social media. She was busy helping her mom to provide food for her family. She knew she had to be strong to survive in a big city.

Sabrina's mom worked as a waitress in a restaurant.
She worked in the morning and went home in the evening. Although Sabrina's mom had a job but it never made her stop to think about her sorrow.

She never recovered from her broken heart. She lived her life aimlessly. She didn't have a will to live anymore.

DBI - I Need You Mom, I Crumble Without You

I crumble mom

One day in the evening when Sabrina and her mom had dinner together.
Sabrina's mom left the table before she finished her dinner. She said she didn't feel good and wanted to go bed earlier. "I don't really feel good. I think I need a rest. Is that ok if you have dinner without me?"
"Yes, please mom, get some rest." Sabrina responded.

After Sabrina finished the dinner, she went to her mom bedroom to check her mom. She was shocked to find out her mom was trying to cut her own wrist by a knife.

Sabrina ran and grabbed the knife from her mom. "What are you doing mom?!" Why do you do this?!" Sabrina asked her mom sadly.

"Let me die, it's not worthy to live! let me just end this misery." Sabrina's mom responded.
"Nooo! please Mom, don't do that, please." Sabrina pleaded her mom to stop.

"I am already dead my dear. The moment your father walked out that door and left us here alone." Sabrina's mom said.

"I know it's devastating. I know it broke your heart. Because I feel the same. I ache from his loss. I even can't imagine how do I live without a father on my side. But he left us anyway. And that's the most painful truth." Sabrina told her mom.

Sabrina's mom cried and said nothing.

"Think about me mom, please. I need you. How do I live without you? I tried to be strong because we have to survive. And you're the reason why I keep on living. I still have you. We still have each other. But without you I will crumble."

You once told me "There would be a happiness and sorrow in our life. There would be bright and dark days in our life." And this could be that dark days. "But the most important is we have to be greater than what we suffer. You told me to become hope." Sabrina added.

"Now I am trying to. I try to make a hope for this family. I try to make you alive again.

"I know life could be so hurtful sometimes."
"And life did hurt you, and then you're so afraid of life hurting you again till you stop living. Please mom. I am not strong enough. I will crumble without you. I need you mom!" Sabrina cried and begged her mom.

Sabrina's mom hugged Sabrina deeply. They cried and remained in silence.

"I'm sorry my dear. You're right. I'm so afraid of life hurting me and then I stop living. This grief and sorrow blind me."

"I'm sorry I'm being selfish and never think about your feeling. I should have seen it. Everything you do this whole time, you're being by my side is your way to rise my spirit up."

"Thank you for being a hope, thank you for not giving up on me. I love you sweetheart." Sabrina's mom said.

And that's the end of the story. Sabrina ended up at the third place by the way. Not bad huh?
Good to know you girl. Hope you'll always be happy wherever you are now. 😊

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