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Set Your Target, Goal, Reach Your Dream and Be Happy

When we were a kid we must had been asked a simple question by our teacher: "what do you want to be someday?".

It might not just a question to start a small talk. It could be a question to stimulate us to think about our future, to make us to start to dream, to give us a goal in life and achieve it. Or to give us a purpose in this life.

welcome back to everyone! so I would like to share my thought, I know it's some kind of triviality but it does cross my mind when someone asks me "what is your ambition, what do you want to be someday?" Instead of answering that question I simply question myself "why should we have an ambition? why should we have a target?" So, I try to figure it out through this article.

Somehow from the beginning of our education we were taught to have a goal in life. We were demanded to dream about something.

Why is it important to have a goal or dream in life?
Well, everyone may have different idea about how important it is to have a goal or dream in this life.

For me, I think this is not about achieving something and then we feel proud about it. It is also not about we do it in order to impress someone else.

Having a dream or a goal and reach for it is not merely about a pride.

Daily target is a stepping stone to your goal

Having a dream doesn't mean we have to be so ambitious to get everything or to achieve as much achievement as we can.

Having a dream is about challenging ourself to get to the next level of ourself by setting a target, a goal in our life and then we use our potency to get that goal. So in the process we reach the goal we also unlock our true potential.

DBI - Set Your Target, Goal, Reach Your Dream and Be Happy


We don't have to set a long term target to be reached at the beginning. We can start by making a small and simple target in a day. Challenging ourself to accomplish something in a day that we have never been done before. It can be waking up early, doing small exercise, tidy the bedroom, reading a book, learning a new skill, or other positive activity.

By doing such daily target, we are building a new habit and getting out from the old one. This habit will have a positive impact to our mental and character development. At the end of the week if we succeed finishing our daily target consistently we are going to find ourself be a discipline person.

Reach your dream and find your purpose

Discipline is the essential of achieving a dream. If we already have discipline we can start to set another goal. A new goal that requires more time to be reached, more efforts and more discipline.

It will challenge ourself to go further, to make ourself learn to have strong determination.

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When we have discipline and determination, making the dream comes true is possible.

Having a dream is also about making our life directedly.

Living our life without any goal would make our life aimlessly. It is like having a journey without compass needle.

We just go anywhere without knowing where we actually go.

DBI - Set Your Target, Goal, Reach Your Dream and Be Happy


Having a dream or a goal is about finding a purpose in our life.

Knowing our purpose will make our life meaningful. When we have a meaningful life, we tend to be happy.

Set your goal, have some dreams and be happy.

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