ADJECTIVE (Kata Sifat)

Adjective merupakan kata sifat. Fungsi adjective adalah untuk menggambarkan atau menambahkan informasi terhadap kata benda ataupun kata ganti orang.
Biasanya adjective ditempatkan sebelum kata benda, karena adjective sendiri berfungsi untuk memodifikasi makna dari noun atau kata benda.

The black cat died.
(kata sifat “black” pada contoh kalimat di atas memberikan gambaran atau informasi tambahan terhadap kata benda “cat”, sehingga kita tahu bahwa kucing yang mati adalah kucing berwarna hitam.

Ada beberapa jenis kata sifat dalam bahasa Inggris seperti:
a.      Numeric (kata sifat yang merujuk pada angka): four, one hundred and one, two thousand, etc.
I saw four men in the park.
       One hundred and one Dalmatians is my favorite movie.        
       Two thousand people is joining the festival.

b.      Quantitative (kata sifat yang merujuk pada jumlah): more, all, some, half, more than enough, etc.
She needs more money to pay the rent.
All members of DX come to the party.
Some students do not come to the class.
I drink a half glass of water.
       The food we have is more than enough.

c.      Qualitative (kata sifat yang merujuk pada kualitas/ mutu): color, size, small, big, large, wide, etc.
That red car is mine.
Mr. Randy’s house is big.
Only small number of men who doesn’t smoke.
Today’s weather is really good.
Rhino is a large animal.
       My new camera has wide angle. 

d.      Possessive (kata sifat yang merujuk pada kepemilikan): my, your, his, her, our, their, its.
My family lives in Boston.
Indoneisa is our homeland.
Your classmate is waiting for you.
Their job is to provide security.
His jacket is expensive.
Her name is Olivia.
       I have a new car, its color is blue.

e.      Interrogative (kata sifat yang merujuk pada pertanyaan): which, whose, what, how, etc.
Which one do you like the most?
Whose key is this?
What TV program did you watch?
       How far is that place?

f.      Demonstrative (kata sifat yang berfungsi untuk menunjuk): that, this, those, these.
That backpack costs $. 20
This yard is mine.
Those students go to laboratory.
       These foods are for the party.

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