PASSIVE VOICE Untuk Simple Present Tense dan Simple Past Tense

1. Siswa dapat memahami konsep Passive voice. 
2. Siswa dapat mambuat kalimat dengan format Passive voice.


Dimensi Bahasa Inggris | Passive voice


Passive Voice

Passive voice atau Kalimat pasif digunakan saat tidakan atau sesuatu yang dilakukannya merupakan fokus dari kalimat. Tidak penting siapa atau apa yang melakukan tindakan tersebut.

Pola Passive Voice

Passive voice untuk Simple Present Tense 
S + to be am/are/is + Verb 3 + by something or someone 

Puspa waters the flowers. (active)

Flowers are watered by Puspa. (passive)

Passive voice untuk Simple Past Tense

S + to be was/were + Verb 3 + by something or someone


Puspa watered the flowers. (active) 
Flowers were watered by Puspa. (passive)


Change these sentences into Passive form!
1.   Clara knits a pink scarf.

2.   Hans tidied up his room last night.

3.   Tammy buys a new house near my house.

4.   Kelly doesn’t speak English after school.

5.   Malia drives her car slowly and carefully.

6.   Pamela read an adventure book.

7.   Joddy answers the question easily.

8.   Dhaniar doesn’t know the way to her new school.

9.   My favorite author writes a beautiful love poem.

10.   He always brushes his shoes before school.

Fill in the blank with am/are/is or was/were
11.   A loud sound …………. heard by everybody yesterday.
12.   The beef steak …………. nicely cooked.
13.   Four people ……………. killed in the car accident last summer.
14.   Her bed …………… usually cleaned by her mother.
15.   Our cat …………. fed by my siblings every morning.

Arrange these words then change the sentence into Passive Voice in Simple Present Tense Form
(the food/cook/deliciously)
The food is cooked deliciously.

16.   (the room/sweep/every morning)
17.   (nice cars/produce/in this country)
18.   (newspaper/bring/to our house/every day)
19.   (new projects/make/in the company)
20.   (cute accessories for girls/sell/here)

Arrange these words then change the sentence into Passive Voice in Simple Past Tense Form
(the food/cook/deliciously)
The food was cooked deliciously.

21.   (flowers/plant/in my garden)
22.   (strawberry/grow/in Galunggung)
23.   (telephone/invent/in England)
24.   (this school/build/last year)
25.   (my clothes/wash/yesterday)

Change these sentences into Active form!
26.   The cars were washed by him last night.
27.   Nice batik clothes are produced in Cigeureung by some factories.
28.   The thief was seen by my brother.
29.   The room is cleaned by the maid everyday.
30.   The motorcycle was broken by an accident yesterday.
31.   English books are read by the students in this class.
32.   A nice dinner was prepared by my mom last night.
33.   The tasks were posted online by the teacher.
34.   Mail is delivered to the office every day.
35.   The cake is cooked by a famous pastry chef.

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