Contoh Soal UAS SMK 11 Bahasa Inggris

Contoh soal UAS berikut terdiri dari berbagai pertanyaan yang diambil dari materi kelas 11 seperti Talking about hobby and interest, Question tag, gerund, taking a simple telepone message, too and enough, memo, reported speech, invitation, agreement and disagreement, procedure text, degrees of comparison, dsb.

Soal-soal berikut terdiri dari soal PG, error recognition dan essay.
Berikut contoh soal UAS SMK 11 Bahasa Inggris selengkapnya.

Part I

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

1. Rudy : Where are you going Rio?
Rio : I’m going to game shop to buy some games.
Rudy : do you like playing video game?
Rio : Yes, that’s my favorite.
The underlined sentences express?
a. Capability
b. Hobby and interest
c. Invitation
d. Agreement and Disagreement

2. Jessica : What’s your favorite hobby Martin?
Martin : Well, I like . . . . . . . .
a. To travel and to camping
b. Travel and camp
c. Travelling and camping
d. Travelled and camping

3. Receptionist : Morning ma’am, can I help you?
Lady : Yes, Can I see Mr. Tono please
Receptionist : Just a moment please, I’ll see if He is free.
What does the dialogue above about?
a. Asking information
b. Giving order
c. Taking order
d. Guest handling

4. My father drives a car to his office,  . . . . . .?
a. Doesn’t my father
b. Doesn’t he
c. Does he
d. Does my father

5. Anggun and Ismail were not in library two hours ago, . . . . . . . . . . .?
a. Are Anggun and Ismail
b. Were Anggun and Ismail
c. Were they
d. Are they

Questions 6 – 8 choose the possible answer based on the kind of questions

6. How long does the Earth around the Sun?
a. a month
b. a day
c. 30 days
d. 365 days

7. Whose laptop is that on the desk?
a. It’s hers
b. It’s she
c. My brother
d. Amy

8. Whom will he climb the mountain with?
a. Yesterday
b. Galunggung
c. Them
d. It’s mine

9. Peter doesn’t like . . . . but he enjoys . . . .
a. Reading – travel
b. Fishing – swimming
c. Climb – playing game
d. Camping – to hike

10. Secretary : Hello, Jim’s corps. can I help you?
Sony : Yes, hello, I’m Sony, may I speak to Mr. Rizal?
Secretary : I’m sorry sir, Mr. Rizal isn’t in his room this moment, . . . . . . . .?
Sony : Sure, please tell him, the meeting with new client is this afternoon, thank you.
a. Would you come to his office
b. Anything else
c. Who’s speaking
d. Would you leave a message

11. Jacky : I’ll accompany you to your home Susan, it’s  . . . . .  dangerous for a girl walks alone in the night.
Susan : Okay, thanks.
a. Little
b. Too
c. Enough
d. Few

Questions number 12 – 14 refer to the following text


For : Joe Simpson
From : Alex Hunter
Date : 21st January 2013
Internal meeting and financial audit will be held at 11:20 a.m.
Bring your current report and employees’ file.
Thank you and please be on time.

Alex Hunter.

12. What does the content of the memo?
a. Meeting
b. Briefing
c. Reporting employees’ file
d. Internal meeting and financial audit

13. Who writes the memo?
a. Alex Hunter
b. Joe Simpson
c. Employees
d. Alex Hunter and Joe Simpson

14. What is the suggestion given by the sender?
a. Thank you
b. Be on time
c. Bring the current report
d. Bring employees’ file

15. I felt sorry for the girl . . . . . lost her father.
a. That
b. Whose
c. Who
d. Which

16. The cat . . . . . has white fur is my neighbor’s.
a. That
b. Whose
c. Who
d. Which

17. Change the question below into reported speech!
“When does she come from Denpasar?”
a. He wondered if she came from Denpasar.
b. He asked me when she came from Denpasar.
c. He wanted to know when is she coming.
d. He says that when does she come from Denpasar.

18. The following expressions are about invitation, except.
a. Come and have a lunch, Smith.
b. Won’t you come to my . . . .?
c. Would you like to come to  . . . . .
d. Thank you. Yes, I would like to  . . . .

19. Tika : would you come to my house tonight?
Sari : . . . I have nothing to do anyway.
a. No, thank you
b. I’m sorry
c. I’d love to
d. I’m afraid, I can’t

20. Ratih : . . . . ., come to Chinese restaurant tonight for dinner with my family.
Maya : Yes, I’d love to.
a. We would be pleased if you could
b. I’d like to give you
c. What do you think about
d. What’s your opinion about

21. Sandy : I think Tasikmalaya now isn’t comfortable as it used to be, now, the traffic in this city is so crowded, and gangsters’ terror increases. . . . . .?
Agus : Yes, you are right, that’s just how I see it.
a. In my view
b. What is your idea about the case?
c. I assume
d. In my opinion.

22. Sheny : In my view, cars contribute more to traffic jam than motorcycles do.
Jono : . . . . . . . (disagree)
a. Exactly
b. You’re quite right
c. That’s how I feel
d. No, I’m afraid I don’t agree

23. Boy : Can I help you?
Girl : Yes, I can’t reach the book up there.
Boy : Here you are.
Girl : Thank you (smiling to the boy)
Boy : . . . . . (gives the girl a compliment)
a. Can I have you number?
b. Congratulation
c. You have a beautiful smile
d. Have a nice day

Questions number 24 – 25 refer to the following text

How to transfer a file to Flash-disk

First, turn on the computer.
Second, plug the Flash-disk to USB port in your CPU, then wait for a while until your Flash-disk is read by computer.
Third, right click on START button and choose OPEN WINDOWS EXPLORER.
Fourth, access the local disk or folder where you keep the files, then  right click on file, next choose SEND TO and choose your Flash-disk. Now you have a copy file in you Flash-disk.
To finish the operation and as the last step, you can access your “COMPUTER” pointed the Flash-disk by mouse pointer, right click on it then choose EJECT.

24. What should you do after plug the Flash-Disk into USB port?
a. Unplug the Flash-disk from USB port
b. Send the file to Flash-disk
c. Wait until the Computer reads the Flash-disk
d. Close the running program

25. How many steps are mentioned above?
a. 4 steps
b. 5 steps
c. 6 steps
d. 7 steps

Questions number 26 – 27 refer to the following text.

Contoh Soal UAS SMK 11 Bahasa Inggris

26. Who is the smartest person based on the table above?
a. Henry
b. Ali
c. Judith
d. Dewi

27. Henry is . . . . . . . than Dewi.
a. Elder
b. Eldest
c. Most old
d. Old

28. The following comparative and superlative forms are correct, except!
a. Small – smaller – smallest
b. Near – nearer – nearest
c. Good – better – best
d. Bad – badder – baddest

Questions number 29 – 30 refer to the following text.

To: Vita
I am going to have a comparative study in Surabaya for four days. I need you to look after my pet while I’m out, feed it twice a day; in the morning and in the evening. If Nia comes and asks about me tell her I will go home on Saturday.
Thank you.


29. Why does Benny go to Surabaya?
a. He has a comparative study
b. He has a job to do
c. He goes for vacation
d. He goes to look for a job

30. What does Benny ask Vita to do while He is going to Surabaya?
a. To do a comparative study
b. To feed the pet and to give information to Nia
c. To tell Nia about Benny’s arrival
d. To look after the pet

Part II

Error recognition, Questions 31 – 35

Direction: each number has four underlined words or phrases that are marked by (A), (B), (C), and (D). you have to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should  be corrected or rewritten, and mark your answer.

31. Andry : Okay guys, (A) let’s go, (B) I’ll lead you through this jungle.
Yusuf : No, you (C) won’t, I am the captain here, (D) am not I?

32. Yoga : (A) I think cheetahs (B) are the (C) fastest cat in the world.
Emile : (D) Yes I am agree.

33. Yamaha Vixion (A) is (B) most expensive (C) than Jupiter MX (D) and Mio.

34. Insan : I (A) haven’t finished my homework yet.
Dodi : What (B) did Insan say?
Dessy : He (C) says that he (D) hasn’t finished his homework yet.

35. (A) In (B) my opinion David Beckham (C) is handsome (D) same with Ronaldo.

Part III


36. Make a short dialogue based on the situation bellow:
A : (invite B to graduation party)
B : (accepting or refusing A’s invitation)

37. Make a short dialogue based on the situation bellow:
A : (giving opinion about anything you want)
B : (agree)

38. Arrange the following  steps into a correct sequence of a procedure text.

How to make instant noodle

1. Put noodles into two glasses of briskly water.
2. Your delicious noodles ready to be served.
3. Put the seasoning, vegetables oil and chili powder in a bowl.
4. Mix the noodles and simmer for three minutes.
5. Cook the noodles and simmer for three minutes.

39. Make a short messages to your mom. Tell your mom that you’re going to be late coming home cause you have a task to do with your friends.

40. Change the following sentence into reported speech form.
“The bus leaves the station at 6:45 a.m. everyday.”


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