Paket Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK 11

Dari pada file berisi soal berikut hanya disimpan di laptop, mending dibagikan supaya memberikan manfaat yang lebih luas. 😉

Yup, kali ini Dimensi Bahasa Inggris akan share paket soal yang sudah lama tersimpan di laptop admin. Meskipun sudah lama tapi bukan berarti sudah basi, karena soal-soal tersebut telah disusun dan diambil dari berbagai materi yang masih dipelajari saat ini.

Paket soal berikut terdiri dari materi fungsi modals, Jobs and occupations, realtive pronouns / adjective clause, question tag, reported speech, tenses dan making a phone call.
Berikut paket soal Bahasa Inggris SMK 11 selengkapnya.

Paket Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK 11

Part I

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

1. Sudono : You look so pale Ingrid, You must be so tired, you . . . . . . take a rest.
Ingrid : Yes, thank you.
a. Can
b. May
c. Should
d. Would

2. Form the dialogue in number 1 above, we know that the function of that modal is for . . . . . . . .
a. Giving permission
b. Giving advice
c. Offering something
d. Giving suggestion

3. The following sentences use modals that have a function for asking permission, except!
a. Can I use your phone, please?
b. Can you leave me here alone, please?
c. May I come to your house this afternoon?
d. Could I have more sugar?

4. Teacher : . . . . . . . . you like to listen a story?
Students : Yeeaah!!! We like to.
a. Would
b. Will
c. Can
d. Could

5. The correct sentence to express ability is  . . . . . . . .
a. What can I do for you?
b. You can come in now.
c. I could run fast when I was seven.
d. Could you lift the table?

6. What is the function of modal (will)?
a. Offering something
b. Expressing ability
c. Giving permission
d. Requesting something

7. Dahlia : Toni, I have something to talk to you.
Toni : I’m sorry Dahlia, I’m so busy this time.
Dahlia : So when  do you think you . . . . . . . a leisure?
Toni : Maybe tomorrow.
a. Will
b. May
c. Can
d. Could

Questions number 8–10 refer to the following dialogue.

Billy : Hey John, you have so many miniatures of military planes in your bedroom. Is that your hobby collecting those miniatures?
John : Yea, that’s my hobby and that’s also my ambition.
Billy : Do you meant, you want to be a soldier one day?
John : It could be, but I’d prefer to sit in the cockpit of one of military planes like F-22, then give an air support to the ground forces, or attack enemy’s forces from the air.
Billy : Wow, that’s awesome.

8. Form the dialogue above we know that John’s ambition is to be . . . . . . . .
a. A soldier
b. An army
c. A combat pilot
d. A pilot

9. What academy does John need to take to make his ambition come true?
a. Military academy
b. Music academy
c. Academy of fine arts
d. Merchant marine academy

10. The following statements about John are true, except!
a. John wants to be an army especially ground forces.
b. John’s hobby is collecting miniature of military planes.
c. John’s ambition is to be a combat pilot.
d. John prefers to be air forces than ground forces.

11. What a producer is?
a. Person who is in charge of making a play, film, etc.
b. Person who directs a play or a film.
c. Person who designs and arranges steps for dances on stages.
d. Person who creates something.

12. . . . . . . . . . is a person whose job is to decide how clothes, buildings, etc. will look by making drawings, plans, etc.
a. Painter
b. Drawer
c. Architect
d. Designer

13. A prince, a witch, and a giant are characters . . . . . . .  usually appear in folklore.
a. Which
b. Who
c. Whom
d. Whose

14. A puzzle is a problem  . . . . . . . . . difficult to answer.
a. Whom
b. Whose
c. Which
d. Who

15. Princes Arthur falls in love with women  . . . . . . . . he meets in the market.
a. Whom
b. Whose
c. Which
d. That

16. A sailor is a person . . . . . . . job is to sail a boat.
a. Whom
b. Whose
c. Which
d. That

17. The relative pronoun “Whose” is used . . . . . . .
a. For people as subjects
b. For people as objects
c. For things as subjects or objects
d. To indicate possession

18. Combine the following sentences by using the relative pronouns!
- The game is my favorite.
- You borrow it.
a. The game which is my favorite you borrow it.
b. The game which you borrow is my favorite.
c. The game whose you borrow is my favorite.
d. The game is my favorite that you borrow it.

Questions number 19 – 20 refer to the following dialogue.

Mitha : Good morning Sir, can I help you?
Mr. Berry : Morning, Yes, I have an appointment to meet Mr. Belick today, is he in?
Mitha : Just a moment, please. I’ll see if Mr. Belick is available, you can have a seat while I’m checking him Sir.
Mr. Berry : Thank you.

19. Where does the dialogue above take place?
a. In a restaurant
b. In a hotel
c. In a shop
d. In an office

20. Form the dialogue above we know that Mitha is . . . . . . . .
a. A security
b. A secretary
c. A receptionist
d. A waitress

21. Arrange the following sentences into a correct dialogue.
1) Ok, let me see, we have two available single rooms in 3rd floor and 5th floor, which one do you like?
2) Morning, can I help you?
3) I want in 3rd floor please.
4) Yes, I need a single room please.
5) Sure, could I have your name?
6) Ok, here is your key Mr. Blake
7) Nathan Blake.
a. 2) – 4) – 1) – 3) – 5) – 7) – 6)
b. 2) – 4) – 6) – 7) – 3) – 5) – 1)
c. 2) – 7) – 1) – 3) – 4) – 5) – 6)
d. 2) – 4) – 1) – 5) – 3) – 7) – 6)

22. We have been walking  for two hours, . . . . . . . . . ?
a. Have we
b. Don’t we
c. Haven’t we
d. Do we

23. I am your best friend, . . . . . . . . ?
a. Am I
b. Aren’t I
c. Am not I
d. Are I

24. Let’s go to cinema now, . . . . . . . . . ?
a. Shall we
b. Will we
c. Would we
d. Let us

25. . . . . . she know your father?
a. Do
b. Is
c. Does
d. Are

26. Yudha : . . . . . . . . . have you been studying English?
Reza : Eight months.
a. How many times
b. What times
c. How long
d. When

27. Rika : Who is that boy?
Tessy : I don’t know, why?
Rika : He keeps . . . . . . . .  at me.
a. Looking
b. Look
c. Looked
d. Looks

28. Andry : Hello.
Ahmad : Hello, . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Andry : This is Andry, could I speak to Rudy, please?
Ahmad : Sure, wait a moment.
Andry : Thank you.
a. Can I help you?
b. What are you doing?
c. What is your phone number?
d. Excuse me, who is this?

29. Teacher : “Stop writing and close your book.”
Change the sentence above into reported speech.
a. The teacher said stop writing and close our book.
b. The teacher asked us to stop writing and to close our book.
c. The teacher says that he wants us to stop writing and to close our book.
d. The teacher wonder if we can stop writing and close our book.

30. Bian and Yusuf . . . . . . in the classroom 20 minutes ago.
a. Was
b. Are
c. Is
d. Were

Part II

Error recognition

Questions number 31 – 35
Direction: each number has four underlined words or phrases that are marked by (A), (B), (C), and (D). you have to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should  be corrected or rewritten, and mark your answer.

31. Thomas : [A] Excuse me Sir, [B] would I [C] borrow your correction pen, please?
Mr. Agus : [D] Of course, please.

32. I [A] know the [B] man [C] who shirt [C] is grey.

33. [A] After two hours of [B] interrogation, the thief [C] finally admits [D] steal the helmet.

34. [A] Where [B] do Sullivan [C] find [D] his bag?

35. The dog [A] bark [B] when [C] meets the cat, and the cat [D] runs fast.

Part III


36. Combine the following sentences by using relative pronouns (who, whom, which, whose or that)
- The plane is made in Russia.
- The plane can fly as fast as a lightning.

37. Translate into English!
Kita akan pulang bersama, iya kan?

38. Translate to English in simple presents tense!
Dimana biasanya Ibu Lelly mencuci pakaiannya?

39. Change the following sentence into reported speech!
Puspa asked : “When did you arrive form Bogor?

40. You are having a phone call, what do you say if you want to know who the caller is?

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