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Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Semester 4

Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas VIII semester 4 berikut terdiri dari 30 nomor soal pilihan ganda dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya.
Ibarat sebuah check point, Penilaian tengah semester merupakan tempat dimana siswa rehat dulu dari proses kegiatan belajar dan melakukan beberapa evaluasi untuk melihat sejauh mana mereka telah memahami berbagai materi yang telah dipelajari.
Berikut Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Semester 4 selengkapnya.

Multiple choice test

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

1. Shasha . . . . . does exercise. That's why she gets sick.
a. always
b. usually
c. often
d. seldom

2. I . . . . . eat rice for my breakfast. I don't eat bread or anything else.
a. always
b. rarely
c. never
d. sometimes

3. Yuli doesn't like durians. She . . . . . eats it even once.
a. sometimes
b. often
c. occasionally
d. never

4. Alex . . . . . goes to school by bicycle. He hardly goes on foot.
a. never
b. rarely
c. usually
d. sometimes

5. Jack likes football. He . . . . . plays football with his friends.
a. seldom
b. often
c. rarely
d. never

6. Felix is . . . . . than her sister.
a. generous
b. generousers
c. more generous
d. most generous

7. My English is . . . . . than before because I take a course now.
a. good
b. better
c. best
d. well

8. Gold is the . . . . . metal.
a. valuable
b. more valuable
c. most valuable
d. as valuable as

9. Mount Everest is the . . . . . mountain in the world.
a. high
b. higher
c. highest
d. most high

10. Maya is . . . . . her brother. Both of them rank first.
a. smart
b. smarter
c. smartest
d. as smart as

Table below is for question number 11 - 13

Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Semester 4

11. Who is the tallest among all?
a. Novi
b. Seli
c. Dena
d. April

12. Kara is . . . . . than Seli.
a. shorter
b. taller
c. shortest
d. tallest

13. April is . . . . . Kara.
a. as tall as
b. taller
c. tallest
d. shortest

14. Santi is . . . . . than Sinta. Sinta rarely smiles.
a. more friendly
b. more rude
c. ruder
d. friendlier

15. My math score is the . . . . . in class. I'm embarrassed and sad.
a. better
b. best
c. worst
d. worse

16. Complete the conversation below.
Nisa: Hi, Ren! What are you . . . . . ?
Reni: Hi, Nis! I am . . . . . the flowers.
a. doing, watering
b. do, water
c. does, waters
d. doing, water

17. Arrange these word into a good sentence.
English  -  not  -  is  -  her  -  project  -  Binar  -  doing
a. Binar is doing not her project English
b. Binar is not doing her English project
c. Binar not is doing her English project
d. Binar is not doing her project English

18. They . . . . . practicing new choreography now.
a. do
b. am
c. is
d. are

19. My wife is . . . . . roasted chicken for dinner.
a. cook
b. cooks
c. cooking
d. cooked

20. Change this sentence into interrogative form!
"Gary is meeting his old friends at coffee shop."
a. Gary is not meeting his old friends at coffee shop
b. Is Gary meeting his old friends at coffee shop?
c. Is Gary meets his old friends at coffee shop
d. Who is Gary meeting at coffee shop?

The text below is for question number 21 - 25

On weekend, Stephanie and her family went to Bogor Botanical Garden. They went from Bandung early morning to avoid traffic jam. They almost went back home but decided to wait and go on their trip. The driver took them to alternative way and reached the destination four hours later.

When they arrived at the destination, they were amazed because there were many kinds of plants, from the common to the rare ones.
From giant palm trees, many kind of bamboos, flowers, cactus and the special one, and rare Rafflesia Arnoldi. All of them are beautiful and well organized. And of course, since it's rain city, they got rained too. In late afternoon, they went back home. It was a great weekend with great experience.

21. What is the text about?
a. Stephanie's holiday experience
b. family time
c. Stephanie's bad holiday
d. family trip

22. How did Stephanie's family reach the destination?
a. by using the highway
b. by waiting for the traffic jam
c. by breaking through the traffic jam
d. by using alternative way

23. What made Stephanie amazed?
a the air was fresh
b. there were many kinds of plants
c. the flowers are beautiful
d. she saw the rare Rafflesia Arnoldi

24. From the text we can conclude that . . . . .
a. Bogor Botanical Garden is home for many kinds of trees
b. There are only rare plants in Bogor Botanical Garden
c. The plants are not well organized
d. There are many common kinds of trees in Bogor Botanical Garden

25. " . . . . . , they were amazed because . . . . . "
The underlined word has similar meaning with . . . . .
a. awesome
b. familiar
c. bored
d. surprised

26. Dahlia . . . . . . from nursing academy last month.
a. graduate
b. graduates
c. graduated
d. graduating

27. The hen . . . . . . an egg yesterday.
a. does not lay
b. did not lay
c. did not laid
d. did not lays

28. When I . . . . . . young, I lived poorly.
a. am
b. did
c. was
d. were

29. Change the sentence into Simple Past Tense from.
"I write a letter to my old friend last night."
a. I wrote a letter to my old friend last night
b. I writes a letter to my old friend last night
c. I written a letter to my old friend last night
d. I am writing a letter to my old friend last night

30. Change into interrogative form!
"My mother fell from her motorcycle."
a. Did my mother fell from her motorcycle?
b. Did my mother fall from her motorcycle?
c. Did my mother falls from her motorcycle?
d. Does my mother fall from her motorcycle?

Kunci jawaban soal PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas VIII semester 4

1. d     11. a     21. a
2. a     12. b     22. d
3. d     13. a     23. b
4. c     14. d     24. a
5. b     15. c     25. d
6. c     16. a     26. c
7. b     17. b     27. b
8. c     18. d     28. c
9. c     19. c     29. a
10. d   20. b     30. b

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