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Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Update

Akan selalu ada test di setiap akhir pembelajaran. Bukan untuk merintangi tapi untuk dijadikan bahan evaluasi sehingga kita bisa tahu sejauh mana pemahaman kita tentang suatu materi.

Kali ini kita akan mengevaluasi hasil belajar kita selama semester genap. Tes ini juga untuk mengecek apakah kita sudah layak naik ke jenjang berikutnya atau harus melakukan perbaikan dulu sebelum dinyatakan layak naik.

Kita akan mengerjakan 30 soal pilihan ganda dari berbagai materi semester genap.
Soal tersebut telah dilengkapi kunci jawaban dan dapat di download gratis dalam bentuk file PDF. 
Berikut soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII update selengkapnya.

DBI | Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Update

Multiple choice test

Choose a, b, c or d for the correct answer

1. The red pen is Rp 5000. 
The book is is Rp 3000. 
The pencil is Rp 5000. 
The marker is Rp 6500.
The red pen is ...... the pencil.
a. as expensive as
b. more expensive than
c. the most expensive
d. expensive

2. Our new house is ...... than our old one. 
a. good
b. better
c. best
d. well

3. Diamond is ....... rock. It is very expensive.
a. as valuable as
b. more valuable
c. the most valuable
d. the valuablest

4. Chocochips cookie is very sweet. Cheese cookie is not too sweet. There is ....... sugar in cheese cookie and there is ........ sugar in chocochip cookie.
a. more - fewer
b. fewer - more
c. less - more
d. more - less

5. The pink rose is the ............ flower in my school garden. 
a. beautiful
b. more beautiful
c. beautifuler
d. most beautiful

6. Hans ........ his old friend last night at coffee shop.
a. meeting
b. met
c. meet
d. meets

7. The goose ....... egg yesterday.
a. did not lay
b. did not laid
c. did not lays
d. does not lay

8. Arrange these words into a good sentence. 
many - Ghea - took - on - pictures - trip - the
a. Many pictures took Ghea on the trip
b. Ghea on trip took many pictures
c. Ghea took many trip on the pictures 
d. Ghea took many pictures on the trip

9. Change this sentence into negative form.
The alarm rang several times.
a. The alarm did not rang several times
b. The alarm did not ring several times
c. The alarm does not rang several times
d. The alarm did not rings several times

Read the text below to answer question no 10 - 12


“Why in the world do you walk sideways like that?” said a Mother Crab to her son. “You should always walk straight forward with your toes turned out.”
“Show me how to walk, mother dear,” answered the little Crab obediently, “I want to learn.”
So the old Crab tried and tried to walk straight forward. But she could walk sideways only, like her son. And when she wanted to turn her toes out she tripped and fell on her nose.

source (

10. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to describe about crab
b. to show how crab walks
c. to explain about crab in general
d. to amuse the reader by a fable

11. “Why in the world do you walk sideways like that?” said a Mother Crab to her son.
What is the antonym of the underlined word?
a. beside
b. straight
c. curved
d. against

12. What can you learn from the story?
a. do not tell others how to act unless you can set an example
b. do not give up easily
c. we must teach our children  good things
d. you must try everything you want to do

Read the text below to answer question no 13 - 15

The Magic Paintbrush

Everyday Ho, a poor boy looked after a rich farmer’s cattle. He took hay to the field. The farmer did not pay him much. Ho had only dry bread to eat. One day, a very thin, old man came up the lane. He looked hungry. Ho gave his bread to the man. He said, “Sir, take this!”

“Thank You!” said the old man. He was very happy with the poor boy’s behavior. So, he gave him a gift. It was a golden paintbrush. Ho made paints from plants, berries, and mud. “What shall I paint?” thought Ho. He began to paint some hay. The hay became real. “This is a magic paintbrush,” Ho wondered. 

 The next day while he was at work, the sun was too hot. The stream was dry. So, Ho painted a blue stream. The stream became real! Now the people and the animals had water to drink. The rich farmer had lots of food to eat. But the children and workers were hungry. Ho painted lots of food and it became real once again. Ho painted lots of things for the people. All of them became real. He painted a wheel, a bucket, and some clothes.

The rich farmer wanted the magic paintbrush. He took Ho to the jail and took the magic paintbrush from him. The farmer was greedy. He painted gold, but the gold did not become real. “Oi, you! The paintbrush does not work for me. Paint me a mountain of gold,” ordered the farmer.

Ho painted the mountain of gold. He painted a blue sea all around it. The gold mountain and the sea became real. The farmer was angry. “I cannot swim! Why did you paint the sea?” he shouted. “I’ll paint a ship for you!” said Ho. The ship became real. The farmer set off in the ship.

“When I get back, you will paint everything I want. The world will be mine!” he laughed. But Ho painted a gale. The gale became real. It took the farmer far, far away. As Ho returned to the farm, he painted things for those people who were kind and good to others. The rich farmer has never seen again.

source (

13. Why did the old man give a gift to Ho?
a. He was rich
b. He was given a gift by Ho too
c. He was very happy with the poor boy’s behavior
d. He felt sympathize

14. How was the rich farmer characteristics?
a. greedy
b. kind
c. generous
d. lazy

15. What is the moral message of the story?
a. Greediness will make us rich and prosperous
b. Being rich is the best way of life
c. We must be poor to get sympathy
d. Kindness will bring a fortune

Read the text below to answer question no 16 - 17

To: Anto,
Anto, I'm sorry I can't go to your house to play together because of the rain. My mother doesn't allow me to go. I promise I'll go there on weekend. 

16. What will Anto and Randy do?
a. Do school project
b. Play
c. Study
d. Do hobby

17. Why does Randy's mother don't allow him to go?
a. because it's late
b. because it's far
c. because he's sick
d. because it's raining


18. Where can you probably find this kind of notice?
a. at the beach
b. at the riverbank
c. at the lake
d. at the swimming pool


19. What does the sign mean?
a. visitors must give food to animals
b. the animals are thankful for being fed by visitors
c. you are allowed to feed the animals
d. feeding the animals is prohibited


20. What is the meaning of the notice above?
a. We must wash our hands and wear mask when entering the area
b. we are not allowed to enter if we wash hands and wear mask
c. that is the area to wash hands 
d. washing hands and wearing mask is not needed

Dear Jade and Gill,
Congratulations for being a new mom and dad.
You have a little girl to brighten your days.
So happy for you both. 

21. Why does Sally give the greeting card above?
a. because Jade and Gill have a son
b. because Jade and Gill have a brighter day
c. because of the birth of Jade and Gill's daughter
d. because Jade and Gill are happy

Read the text below to answer question no 22 - 24

"When You Believe"
Mariah Carey

Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understood
Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving mountains
Long before we knew we could

There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayer so often proves in vain
Hope seemed like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away
Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full, I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

They don't always happen when you ask
And it's easy to give in to your fears
But when you're blinded by your pain
Can't see your way clear through the rain
A small, but still, resilient voice
Says help is very near

Writer(s): Kenneth Edmonds, Stephen Schwartz

22. What is the topic of the song above?
a. Love can solve everything
b. Fighting for your life
c. Believe in miracle
d. Giving up of life

23. Which line shows about being hopeless and fragile?
a. There can be miracles when you believe
b. A small, but still, resilient voice says help is very near
c. Although we know there's much to fear
d. And it's easy to give in to your fears

24. "There can be miracles"
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Advantages
b. Trust
c. Expectation
d. Marvel

Read the text below to answer question no 25 - 27

Dewi Sartika (4 December 1884 – 11 September 1947) was a campaigner for and pioneer of education for women in Indonesia. She founded the first school for women in the Dutch East Indies. She was honoured as a National Hero of Indonesia in 1966.

Dewi Sartika was born to Sundanese noble parents, R. Rangga Somanegara and R. A. Rajapermas in Cicalengka, on 4 December 1884. As a child, after school she often pretended to be a teacher while playing with her friends. After her father died, she lived with her uncle. She received an education in Sundanese culture while under his care, while her knowledge of Western culture was passed on to her from the wife of a resident assistant. In 1899, she moved to Bandung.

On 16 January 1904, she founded a school named Sekolah Isteri at Bandung Regency's Pendopo which later was relocated to Jalan Ciguriang and the school name changed to Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri (Wife Eminency School) in 1910. In 1912, there were nine Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri in cities or regencies in West Java (half of the cities and regencies), and in 1920 all of cities and regencies had one school. In September 1929, this school changed its name to Sekolah Raden Dewi.

She died on 11 September 1947 at Cineam, Tasikmalaya while she was evacuating from Bandung due to independence war.


25. What is being fought by Dewi Sartika?
a. School for poor people
b. Indonesian's independence
c. Women's right
d. Education for women

26. What does paragraph 2 tell you about?
a. Dewi Sartika's family background
b. Dewi Sartika's personal life
c. Dewi Sartika's struggle to build school for women
d. Dewi Sartika's reason to her campaign of education

27. From the text we can conclude that .......
a. Dewi Sartika only have one school in West Java
b. Dewi Sartika is a Women's Right heroine
c. Dewi Sartika came from aristocratic family
d. Dewi Sartika is a Javanese

Read the text below to answer question no 28 - 30

On weekend, Stephanie and her family went to Bogor Botanical Garden. They went from Bandung early morning to avoid traffic jam. They almost went back home but decided to wait and go on their trip. The driver took them to alternative way and reached the destination four hours later.

When they arrived at the destination, they were amazed because there were many kinds of plants, from the common to the rare ones.

From giant palm trees, many kind of bamboos, flowers, cactus and the special one, and rare Rafflesia Arnoldi. All of them are beautiful and well organized. And of course, since it's rain city, they got rained too. In late afternoon, they went back home. It was a great weekend with great experience.

28. What is the text about?
a. Stephanie's holiday experience
b. family time
c. Stephanie's bad holiday
d. family trip

29. From the text we can conclude that . . . . .
a. Bogor Botanical Garden is home for many kinds of trees
b. There are only rare plants in Bogor Botanical Garden
c. The plants are not well organized
d. There are many common kinds of trees in Bogor Botanical Garden

30.  " . . . . . , they were amazed because . . . . . "
The underlined word has similar meaning with . . . . .
a. awesome
b. familiar
c. bored
d. surprised

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Kunci Jawaban soal PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas VIII update

1. a
2. b
3. c
4. c
5. d

6. b
7. a
8. d
9. b
10. d

11. b
12. a
13. c
14. a
15. d

16. b
17. d
18. a
19. d
20. a

21. c
22. c
23. d
24. d
25. d

26. b
27. c
28. a
29. a
30. d

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