Reported Yes / No Questions adalah kalimat tidak langsung dalam bentuk Yes / No Questions.
Untuk merubah kalimat tanya Yes / No Questions menjadi Reported Yes / No Questions memerlukan ketelitian, karena ada beberapa hal yang harus kita perhatikan yang menyangkut perubahan struktur kalimatnya sendiri.
Hal-hal yang harus diperhatikan adalah:
1. Perubahan bentuk Tenses
2. Perubahan Personal Pronoun (kata ganti orang)
3. Perubahan Adverb (kata keterangan) baik tempat atau waktu

Penjelasan lengkapnya telah dimuat dalam postingan berjudul


Sedangkan postingan kali ini berisi tentang kumpulan soal latihan dari materi Reported Yes / No Questions itu sendiri, yang bertujuan untuk media latihan supaya pemahaman materi Reported Yes / No Questions lebih baik lagi.


Change the following Yes / No Questions into Reported Yes / No Questions!
Identify the tenses used first!

1. Azka asks me: "Do you like chicken?"

2. Deni asks Nika: "Are you a vegetarian?"

3. Jenny asks me: "Is Kim Jong Un from South Korea?"

4. The Manager asks a waiter: "Are they satisfied with the services?"

5. Teacher asks me: "Does Fitri come to school today?"

6. He asks his sister: "Is this your clothe?"

7. Alif asks me: "Do Peter and Steve bring their own helmets today?"

8. Susan asks Jim: "Does Chris drink coffee everyday?"

9. Mira asks Ben: "Is your mom an accountant?"

10. She asks me: "Does a cat kill a mouse here?"

11. Robin asks Steffy: "Do you use your notebook for browsing?"

12. She asks me: "Are they your new neighbor?"

13. Rizal asks her: "Do you live with your grandma?"

14. The Teacher asks The students: "Are you okay today?"

15: The Teacher asks The students: "Is there any homework?"

16. The Teacher asks me: "Do you understand this material?"

17. Billy asks Fitria: "Do you have time to talk with me?"

18. Sonia asks Sherly: "Are you hungry?"

19. Farhan asks me: "Am I your roommate?"

20. Gery asks Silvi: "Do you always take your umbrella with you?"


Change the following Yes / No Questions into Reported Yes / No Questions!

1. He is asking me: "Are you calling your mom?"
He was asking me if _____________________

2. Rina is asking Rafael: "Are you bringing our report now?"
Rina was asking Rafael if __________________________

3. They are asking me: "Is that girl calling you?"
They were asking me whether _____________

4. She is asking them: "Are you preparing for your journey today?"
She was asking them if _________________________________

5. Bina is asking her: "Are you thinking about me now?"
Bina was asking her whether ____________________

6. She has asked me: "Have you been a good student this year?"
She had asked me if __________________________________

7. Zean has asked Tia: "Have you done your homework?"
Zean had asked Tia whether ______________________

8. They have asked me: "Have you read the novel?"
They had asked me if _______________________

9. Kevin has asked David: "Has it been your locker?"
Kevin had asked David if _____________________

10. He has asked me: "Has she finished her study?"
He had asked me whether ___________________


Change the following Yes / No Questions into Reported Yes / No Questions!
Identify the tenses first!

1. My dad asked me: "Did you sleep here last night?"
My dad had asked me if ______________________

2. Julia asked me: "Were you mad at me yesterday?"
Julia had asked me whether ______________________

3. Oscar asked Lina: "Did you see the concert last week?"
Oscar had asked Lina whether ____________________

4. Putri asked Roni: "Did I lend you my book two days ago?"
Putri had asked Roni if ____________________________

5. She asked me: "Was it my favorite song?"
She had asked me if __________________

6. Sabrina has been asking me: "Have you been doing this all day?"
Sabrina had been asking me if ____________________________

7. Mika has been asking him: "Have you been using my smart phone since 40 minutes ago?"
Mika had been asking him whether _____________________________________________

8. He has been asking me: "Has she been crying for one hour?"
He had been asking me whether _______________________

9. Anita has been asking her mom: "Have you been watching TV for 2 hours?"
Anita had been asking her mom if __________________________________

10. Sheny has been asking her brother: "Have you been playing game for 3 hours?"
Sheny had been asking her brother if ____________________________________


Change the following Yes / No Questions into Reported Yes / No Questions!

1. He was asking me: "Was yesterday raining in the city?"
He had been asking me if _________________________

2. Jennifer was asking them: "Were you waiting for a bus when I came?"
Jennifer had been asking them if ______________________________

3. She was asking me: "Were you studying when I called?"
She had been asking me whether ___________________

4. Mom was asking her: "Were you cleaning your room?"
Mom had been asking her if ______________________

5. Carl was asking him: "Was your cat sleeping on the sofa?"
Carl had been asking him if _________________________

6. Astrid will ask me: "Will you give me a ride to my home?"
Astrid would ask me if _____________________________

7. Hikari will ask him: "Will you come to my party tonight?"
Hikari would ask him whether _______________________

8. He will ask me: "Will you be my assistant tomorrow?"
He would ask me if ____________________________

9. Dad will ask me: "Will you learn Mandarin next month?"
Dad would ask me whether _______________________

10. Tessy will ask him: "Will you take the job for me?"
Tessy would ask him whether __________________


Change the following Yes / No Questions into Reported Yes / No Questions!
1. Nia asks me: "Must I tell him the truth?"
Nia asked me whether _______________

2. Andy asks me: "Shall we go to the principle's room?"
Andy asked me if _____________________________

3. She asks me: "May I use your toilet?"
She asked me whether ____________

4. She asks me: "May us always be together?"
She asked me if ________________________

5. Rio asks her: "Can you pass me that book?"
Rio asked her whether __________________

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