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Kumpulan Soal Ulangan PIlihan Ganda Recount Text

Berikut adalah contoh soal ulangan recount text pilihan ganda.
Soal berikut terdiri dari 20 nomor soal pilihan ganda. 
Berikut kumpulan soal ulangan pilihan ganda recount text selengkapnya.

Mulitple choice test

Choose a, b, c or d for the correct answer!

Text for number 1-5

On semester holiday, Harry and his family went to Cibodas Botanical Garden in Puncak. They went  from Jakarta early in the morning to avoid traffic jam. But unfortunately, they still got trapped in traffic jam. They were confused, should they went back home or wait. Then their driver decided to use alternative way. He took them to small streets, from village to village. It was so far. Harry almost gave  up and wanted to throw up. They arrived at the destination three hours later.

When they reached there, Harry felt like his tiredness has gone. The view was amazing. There's a mount so the air was. The garden was big. They saw many plants. They sat and ate on the grass while the Harry and his brother were swimming in the river. When they decided to went back home, they heard that Rafflesia Arnoldi was blooming that day. They couldn't pass that rare opportunity. For the first time in forever, Harry saw that giant flower in front of him. He was in awe. Although the flower smelt bad, it was beautiful. He took picture in front of the flower.

They went back home later after the sun set. It was a tiring yet satisfying holiday for their family.

1. What is the text about?
a. The best time with family
b. Harry's tiring experience
c. Harry's holiday experience
d. Family trip

2.  How did Harry's family reach the destination?
a. By breaking through the traffic jam
b. By waiting for the traffic jam
c. By using alternative way to smaller streets
d. By using the highway

3. What made Harry awestruck?
a. He felt the fresh air
b. The flower smelt bad
c. He saw beautiful flowers
d. He saw Rafflesia Arnoldi bloomed

4. "He took us to small streets ...... " (Par. 1)
The word He in that sentence refers to .......
a. The driver
b. Harry
c. Harry's brother
d. Harry's family

5. "It was a tiring yet satisfying holiday for their family." (Par. 3)
The underlined word has similar meaning with .....
a. Journey
b. Visit
c. Vacation
d. Trip

DBI | Soal Recount Text

Text for number 6-10

Dewi Sartika

Dewi Sartika (4 December 1884 – 11 September 1947) was a campaigner for and pioneer of education for women in Indonesia. She founded the first school for women in the Dutch East Indies. She was honoured as a National Hero of Indonesia in 1966.

Dewi Sartika was born to Sundanese noble parents, R. Rangga Somanegara and R. A. Rajapermas in Cicalengka, on 4 December 1884. As a child, after school she often pretended to be a teacher while playing with her friends. After her father died, she lived with her uncle. She received an education in Sundanese culture while under his care, while her knowledge of Western culture was passed on to her from the wife of a resident assistant. In 1899, she moved to Bandung.

On 16 January 1904, she founded a school named Sekolah Isteri at Bandung Regency's Pendopo which later was relocated to Jalan Ciguriang and the school name changed to Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri (Wife Eminency School) in 1910. In 1912, there were nine Sekolah Kaoetamaan Isteri in cities or regencies in West Java (half of the cities and regencies), and in 1920 all of cities and regencies had one school. In September 1929, this school changed its name to Sekolah Raden Dewi.

She died on 11 September 1947 at Cineam, Tasikmalaya while she was evacuating from Bandung due to independence war.


6. What does paragraph 2 tell you about?
a. Dewi Sartika's family background
b. Dewi Sartika's personal life
c. Dewi Sartika's struggle to build school for women
d. Dewi Sartika's reason to her campaign of education

7. What is being fought by Dewi Sartika?
a. School for poor people
b. Indonesian's independence
c. Women's right
d. Education for women

8. How old was Dewi Sartika when she founded Sekolah Isteri?
a. 15 years old
b. 20 years old
c. 26 years old
d. 45 years old

9. From the text we can conclude that .......
a. Dewi Sartika only have one school in West Java
b. Dewi Sartika is a Women's Right heroine
c. Dewi Sartika came from aristocratic family
d. Dewi Sartika is a Javanese

10. "On 16 January 1904, she founded a school named Sekolah Isteri at Bandung Regency's Pendopo....." (Par. 3)
The word Founded has the closest meaning with......
a. Established
b. Get
c. Meet
d. Find

Text for number 11-15

Ban Ki-moon became the eighth UN General Secretary in 2006. Before then, he was a diplomat in South Korea, where he served as Foreign Minister. His diplomatic service started after graduating from college. His first post was at his nation’s embassy in India. He quickly earned a reputation for his clever diplomatic skills.

Ban was born in a small farming village and grew up in the town of Chungju. His destiny was to become a diplomat. He was a star pupil at school and was chosen to send a message to the United Nations. In 1962, he won an essay competition. His prize was a trip to America, where he met President John F. Kennedy. He told him his ambition was to be a diplomat.

Ban studied International Relations and got a Master’s degree from Harvard University. He speaks English, French, German and Japanese. He has a very disciplined work ethic and splits his schedule into five-minute blocks. The Korean press calls him the ‘slippery eel’ because of his ability to evade tricky questions.

In his time as UN boss, he has dealt with many difficult issues. He has very strong views on global warming and has tried repeatedly to persuade President Bush to cut the USA’s carbon emissions. He has taken an active role in Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear intentions. Ban has also tried to negotiate a deal to solve the Darfur crisis. He seems well equipped to deal with future global problems.


11. What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?
a. Ban Ki Moon early career
b. Difficult issues Ban Ki Moon has dealt
c. Ban Ki Moon negosiation of Nuclear issues
d. Ban Ki Moon reputation

12. In which paragraph can you find information about Ban Ki Moon's ambition?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

13. Why is Ban Ki Moon being called "Slippery eel"?
a. He is very discipline
b. He is a multilingual
c. He has dealt with many difficult issues
d. He has ability to avoid tricky questions

14. "He told him his ambition was to be a diplomat." (Par. 2)
Who is the underlined word refer to?
a. Ban Ki Moon
b. President Bush
c. President John F. Kennedy
d. Korean press

15. What can we learn from the text?
a. Discipline and hard work can lead you to success
b. Dream is the very important 
c. We must be smart and being able to speak in many languages
d. Don't be afraid to dream

Text for number 16-20

It was in September 2009 when a 7.3 SR earthquake hit our town. At the beginning, it was just like any other day. After I got home from school, I played game on my computer with my sister. My mom was watching TV while my father and brother was taking a nap.

Suddenly I felt a little vibration. I didn't notice it at first. But then the vibration was getting bigger. We were panic. My mom went to the bedroom to woke my father up and took my brother out. Without noticing anything, I took my sister's hand and dragged her. I ran to the road in front of our house. When I ran, I got hit by a piece of roof that fell from neighbor's house. I didn't felt hurt that time. People has gathered at the open field with their pale faces.  Some of the children cried. My sister cried because our mom wasn't there. We got separated. Later I realized that me and mom ran to different direction. My mom yelled at me with panic and worry face. By then I realized that I got hurt. My arm was bleeding because of the fallen roof. It was really hurt. I cried because I was afraid of blood. But, what's more hurting was when I saw my neighbors. Their houses have broken and collapsed. Our neighborhood was shattered. The earthquake hit for several times with different strength. None of us was brave enough to enter our house. We stayed outside for some times while calming ourselves.

From that day on, every time I felt the earth shakes even if just a little, my knee went weak. It  was a traumatic experience. 

16. What is the highlight of the text?
a. Writer's trauma of earthquake
b. Writer's scary experience with earthquake
c. Story of a big earthquake
d. How to avoid earthquake

17. When did the accident happen?
a. Morning
b. Afternoon
c. Evening
d. Night

18. Why did the writer sister's cry?
a. Because she was afraid of blood
b. Because she was hurt
c. Because their mom wasn't there with them
d. Because she was trauma with earthquake

19.  "Their houses have broken and collapsed." (Par. 2)
The word their in the sentence refers to .....
a. The writer
b. The writer and her sister
c. The writer's family
d. The writer's neighbors

20. "Suddenly I felt a little vibration." (Par. 2)
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a. Steady
b. Motion
c. Movement
d. Shake

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Answer key

Untuk mengecek kembali jawaban yang sudah diberikan, silahkan cek kunci jawaban berikut.

Multiple choice test

1. c
2. c
3. d
4. a
5. c

6. b
7. d
8. a
9. c
10. a

11. b
12. b
13. d
14. c
15. a

16. b
17. b
18. c
19. d
20. d

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