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Soal Latihan Conjunction And, Or, dan But

Conjunction atau kata sambung merupakan salah satu komponen penting dalam sebuah bahasa. Fungsi conjunction sendiri secara umum adalah untuk menyambungkan antara satu kata dengan kata yang lain, frase dengan frase yang lain atau antara satu kalimat dengan kalimat yang lain.

Setiap conjunction memiliki fungsi yang berbeda-beda, ada conjunction yang berfungsi untuk menyambungkan dua buah kata atau kalimat yang memiliki makna yang setara, ada juga conjunction yang digunakan untuk menyambungkan antara kata atau kalimat yang saling berlawanan.
Penjelasan selengkapnya tentang conjunction dapat diakses melalui link berikut:

Conjunction (Kata Penghubung) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Soal latihan berikut akan membantuk kita untuk memahami penggunaan conjunction sesuai dengan fungsinya masing-masing.
Soal terdiri dari 30 nomor dilengkpi kunci jawaban untuk memudahkan dalam pemeriksaan atau cross check jawaban yang telah diberikan.

Soal Latihan Conjunction And, Or dan But

Conjunction exercise

Choose the most appropriate conjunction to join the words, phrase or sentence below.

1. Do you want pizza (and - or - but) steak for dinner?

2. Mom went to the market (and - or - but) bought chicken.

3. I want to buy a new cellphone (and - or - but) I don't have enough money.

4. Math (and - or - but) English are my favorite lessons.

5. Is it my pen (and - or - but) yours? We have similar pens.

6. It is raining (and - or - but) the temperature is hot.

7. He came to my house (and - or - but) stayed for a night.

8. Mr. Frank is rich enough (and - or - but) he's still using an old car.

9. Sulis didn't close the window (and - or - but) a cat came in to the house.

10. I want to go to toilet (and - or - but) Mr. Adam is still explaining the material.

11. The test was hard (and - or - but) I could do it easily.

12. We will go to Bali for vacation (and - or - but) visit our relatives.

13. Will you wear simple (and - or - but) glamorous dress to his party?

14. I was busy (and - or - but) I still go to college regularly.

15. Uncle Patrick is 30 years old (and - or - but) he's childish.

16. My dad works hard (and - or - but) saves the earning for our future.

17. Clara wants to eat western dish (and - or - but) she can't cook it.

18. To reach my workplace we can take bus (and - or - but) train.

19. He's from broken home family (and - or - but) he grew up well.

20. I am sick (and - or - but) I must go to work.

21. Darla ate noodle (and - or - but) rice. She's full.

22. The snow began to fall (and - or - but) the land became white.

23. The movie is not that good (and - or - but) it becomes number 1 Box Office.

24. He looks funny on TV (and - or - but) he's a shy person in real life.

25. I need butter (and - or - but) eggs to make a cake.

26. Rina is really tired  because she did this (and - or - but) that for the event.

27. Her brother is young (and - or - but) mature enough to solve his problems.

28.  My baby boy is chubby (and - or - but) cute. Everybody loves him.

29. Ananda's house is small (and - or - but) ten people manage to live there.

30. Firly must choose to live with her parents (and - or - but) her grandmother.

Kunci jawaban

Berikut kunci jawaban soal latihan conjunction and, or dan but.

1. or
2. and
3. but
4. and
5. or

6. but
7. and
8. but
9. and
10. but 

11. but
12. and
13. or
14. but
15. but

16. and
17. but
18. or
19. but
20. but

21. and
22. and
23. but
24. but
25. and

26. and
27. but
28. and
29. but
30. or

Silahkan download file PDF berisi soal latihan conjunction and, or, but pada link download di bawah.

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