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Soal Descriptive Text Describing Someone

Silahkan coba soal descriptive text tentang describing someone berikut untuk menguji pemahaman tentang cara mendeskripsikan seseorang. Soal latihan berikut telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban.

Materi descriptive text sendiri biasanya dipelajari pada tingkat SMP dan SMA / SMK.
Khusus untuk soal latihan berikut telah disusun sesuai dengan materi descriptive text tingkat SMP kelas VII.

Soal latihan berikut terdiri dari 20 nomor dalam bentuk pilihan ganda.
Berikut soal descriptive text describing someone selengkapnya.  

Soal Descriptive Text Describing Someone

Soal descriptive text pilihan ganda

Choose a, b, c, or d for the right answer!

The following text is for no 1 - 5

Today, my cousin Andri comes to visit our house. He is 13 years old. He's my closest cousin. He studies at SMP Mutiara Kita grade 7.
He is tall enough for a 7th grader, about 170 cm. His skin is tan. His nose is sharp. His hair is black and wavy. He is quite good looking. He's popular at his school because he's smart and athletic. He always rank first at his class. He is calm too. His teachers and friends like him.

1. What is Andri?
a. He is my cousin
b. He is tall
c. He is a popular boy
d. He's a student

2. Which of the following statement is true according to the text?
a. He has fair skin
b. He is a clever student
c. He is not tall
d. He is a talkative boy

3. What is the correct physical description of Andri?
a. A tall boy with sharp nose and tan skin
b. A medium height boy with sharp nose and tan skin
c. A tall boy with black and straight hair
d. A tall boy with fair skin and flat nose

4. The word "good looking" in the text can be replaced by . . . .
a. Handsome
b. Beautiful
c. Ugly
d. Nice

5. Andri is smart because . . . .
a. He is calm
b. He is athletic
c. He always rank first
d. His teacher like him

The following text is for no 6  - 11

Tom Cruise is an American actor and film producer. His complete name is Thomas Cruise Maphoter IV. He's 57 years old. He is well known as Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible movies series.
He has received several awards for his works.

Tom is known to has a clean cut appearance. He is 170 cm height and 68 Kg weight. His eyes are green. He has straight hair with dark brown color. He has pointed nose. His complexion is pale. Some people consider him as a handsome man.

Tom is a funny and unique man. Sometimes he's weird but he cares others. He's also helpful and professional about his career. That's why he's being a famous top star for years with total net worth about $ 480.000.000. He's one of the richest actors in Hollywood. He has a daughter name Suri Curise.

6. What is the best description of Tom Cruise?
a. Quite and calm
b. Weird and diligent
c. Unique and professional
d. Helpful and lazy

7. What is the color of his eyes?
a. Pale
b. Dark brown
c. Blue
d. Green

8. How tall is he?
a. 170 cm
b. 68 Kg
c. 57 years
d. $ 480 m

9. What is the color of his skin?
a. Dark
b. Pale
c. Tan
d. Green

10. What is Tom Cruise's physical appearance?
a. He is funny
b. He has sharp nose
c. He is an actor
d. He is popular

11. "That's why he's being a famous top star . . . "
The underlined word is similar with . . .
a. Handsome
b. Top
c. Professional
d. Popular

The following text is for no 12 - 15

A new student comes to my class. Her name is Liana. She is from Bali. She is beautiful. Her eyes are dark brown. Her complexion is fair. She has long black hair. Her face is round with chubby cheek, makes her looks cute. She is not that tall, but slim. She makes friends easily. She greets us first and asks us to be her friend. She smiles often too. Her hobby is swimming and eating. We promise that we will take her to many delicious restaurants and street foods in our city.

12. The text is mainly about . . .
a. The writer's new friend
b. The writer's classmates
c. The writer's personality
d. The writer's description

13. What is personality trait of Liana?
a. Arrogant
b. Diligent
c. Moody
d. Friendly

14. What is the color of their hair?
a. Black
b. Dark brown
c. White
d. Long

15. " . . . makes her looks cute." The word "cute" means . . .
a. Ugly
b. Lovable
c. Unhappy
d. Friendly

The following text is for no 16 - 20

There are many teachers in my school. But, Mr. Henry is my favorite. His full name is Henrianto Agus.

He teaches Mathematics. He was born in February 1980. He lives on Jl. Semar, Semarang.
Mr. Henry is 160 cm tall. His skin is white. He has round face, with mustache on his lips. He has light brown round eyes. His hair is wavy and black. His nose is flat. He has white and tidy teeth.

He is a very smart teacher. He can speaks many languages, including Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, English and Arabic. He is talkative, that's why he can teach us clearly. We are not afraid to ask him difficult Mathematics questions. His hobbies are fishing and singing. Sometimes, he likes to cook too.
He often brings foods to school.

16. What is the writer's favorite teachers' complete name?
a. Mr. Henry
b. Henrianto
c. Henrianto Agus
d. Agus

17. How old is he now in 2020?
a. 39
b. 40
c. 1980
d. February

18. How are his eyes?
a. Black and slanted
b. Light brown and round
c. Brown and slanted
d. Black and round

19. How many languages does Mr. Henry speak?
a. Five
b. Four
c. Three
d. Two

20. What are his hobbies?
a. Cooking and playing football
b. Fishing, cooking and playing football
c. Singing, fishing and playing music
d. Cooking, singing and fishing

Kunci jawaban

1. d
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. c

6. c
7. d
8. a
9. b
10. b

11. d
12. a
13. d
14. a
15. b

16. c
17. b
18. b
19. a
20. d

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