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Berbagai Bentuk Soal Latihan Personal Letter

Letter atau surat merupakan salah satu cara komunikasi yang dilakukan oleh manusia sejak lama, meskipun kenyataannya zaman sekarang orang-orang sudah mulai menggunakan cara komunikasi lain yang lebih cepat seperti telepon, chatting, sms ataupun e-mail.
Tapi bukan berarti penggunaan letter sebagai alat komunikasi telah ditinggalkan sepenuhnya, karena walau bagaimanapun penggunaan surat sebagai alat komunikasi memiliki peran yang tidak dapat digantikan oleh bentuk komunikasi yang lain.

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Postingan kali ini berisi tentang berbagai bentuk soal latihan personal letter, postingan ini dibuat sebagai sarana berlatih dalam memahami materi personal letter.
Berikut berbagai bentuk soal latihan personal letter yang telah kami sediakan.

DBI | Soal Latihan Personal Letter


Read the following personal letter and then answer the questions!

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Gunam-ro 12beon-gil

14 October 2018

Dear Oslen, 

I saw the news on TV, the explosion in your neighborhood was really bad.
My family and I feel sorry about that, I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to recover from such tragedy.
I hope you and your family are okay.

I am writing this letter just to tell you that how sad I am about what happened in your neighborhood.
We hope there won't be such accident anymore in the future. 
If you have time, please reply me as soon as possible, we all worry about you.

Stay strong, we always pray for you. 


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1. Whom is the letter addressed to?

2. Who wrote the letter?

3. What happened to Chloe?

4. Why did Chloe write the letter?

5. What does Chloe want Oslen to do after she read the letter?

6. How does Chloe support Oslen based on the letter above?

7. What did Chloe write on the closing part?


Read the following letter and then answer the questions!

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455 Miyagoka, Sapporo-shi
Hokkaido 064-0959

November, 30th 2018

Dear my friend,

I am writing this letter from a very beautiful village in Hokkaido, Japan.

How are you my old friend? It's been two years I never heard from you. I miss you.
A genuine friend like you is really hard to find, so I don't want to lose you.
But since I left my hometown and move here to Japan, we lost contact.
We don't communicate very often afterward. The number you gave me no longer reachable, and also your social media account is not active.

I assume maybe you've lost your hand-phone or something else that's why I write this letter only to be in touch with you again.
Our friendship should carry on until we get old like you've told me.

So if you read this letter please contact me as soon as you can.
Here is my phone number 072557575 and you can also find me on Facebook or e-mail at

I think that's all I could say. This letter has no space enough to express how much I miss you.

Can't wait to hear from you.

Your best pal,

Adrian Mizuki

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Answer the following questions!

1. Whom did Adrian write the letter to?

2. How long did Adrian never communicate with his best friend based on the letter above?

3. Why didn't Adrian communicate with his best friend?

4. What is Adrian's reason to write a letter?

5. Does Adrian's best friend live in Japan too?

6. "A genuine friend like you is really hard to find." on first paragraph, what is the synonym of genuine?

7. How could Adrian's best friend contact him?

8. Based on the letter above what kind of person Adrian is?

9. What did Adrian ask from his best friend after his best friend read the letter?

10. If you were Adrian's best friend what do you probably do about the letter?


Read the following letter and then find the missing words to fill in the blank spaces!

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Bandung, December 28th 2018

To Aunty Adelia
Jl. Melati 23 - Tangerang

Dear Aunt Adel,

How lovely you are to [1] . . . . . . . . . me such a [2] . . . . . . . . dress. I'm so confuse what to wear on my birthday party. But then you send me a blue dress with matching veil and accessories too.
You know I love blue.

Now, I just need to [3] . . . . . . . a matching shoes to complete my outfit.

My party will be [4] . . . . . . . . in a cafe near our house., because our house can't [5] . . . . . . . . many people. I choose that cafe because we just need to pay for the food, no additional place rent fee. My close friend will be the MC. And a band in my school will [6] . . . . . . . . for free. Sounds [7] . . . . . . . . , doesn't it?

I can't [8] . . . . . . . .  for my happy day. You should be here. But sadly you have a workshop to attend in Singapore. Never mind, you [9] . . . . . . . me the gift in advance. Hehe

Thank you again for your thoughtful gift. It [10] . . . . . . . .  my heart.
I love you, Aunty.

Your lovely niece,


-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Words choice:



Arrange the following parts of a letter into correct order!

Part A
Just information, I moved to San Francisco.
I feel like Monterrey is too small so there's small opportunity too. I've moved here for six months. I work part time at a cafe near my campus.
People here are so nice. I thought a big city won't be this comfortable before. But I'm getting used to it now.

Part B
Hi Alice, How's life? It's been a while since you moved to New York.
How's Big Apple? Is it fun? Have you made friends with the others?
I'm so curious about your story because you study at such a prestigious college.

Part C


Part D
On weekend, I get time off from work and school. So I use my time to walk around.
Recently I visited The Golden Gate Bridge. I include the picture with this letter. It was a really nice place.
I visited The Golden Gate Park too. There are also many interesting museums here. And I have a place I want to visit, it's Alcatraz Island.
I hope I can visit it with you.
Just come here when you get semester break, I'll bring you to a city tour.

Part E
San Francisco, November 30th, 2018

Alicia Destiny
Broadway 165th Street
New York 10027

Part F
Please write about your life in New York too. I'm looking forward for your reply. 
I miss you, my friend!

Part G
P.S.: Send me your best picture in New York.

Itulah beberapa bentuk soal latihan personal letter yang dapat digunakan untuk membantu mengasah pemahaman materi tentang personal letter.

Silahkan share untuk manfaat yang lebih luas.

Karena banyak yang minta kunci jawaban kali ini DBI akan share kunci jawaban untuk soal latihan di atas. Maaf sebelumnya baru bisa share kali ini, karena sebelumnya soal tersebut digunakan sebagai soal latihan oleh siswa siswi di sebuah sekolah.  🙏 😁

Terima kasih masih membaca artikel seputar Bahasa Inggris di dan tidak memilih blog AGC atau blog para pencuri konten. Supaya ilmunya tetap berkah, tetap kunjungi dan dukung blog-blog dengan konten original bukan blog pencuri konten.
Ibarat berbelanja, belilah barang halal di toko atau penjual amanah, bukan dari para penadah barang curian.
Sekian untuk intermezzo ini. Silahkan lanjut ke kunci jawaban berikut.



1. Oslen
2. Chloe
3. Chloe worries about Oslen's condition after explosion
4. Because Chloe wants to make sure / to ask about Oslen's condition.
5. Reply Chloe's letter as soon as possible
6. Chloe encourages and pray for Oslen.
7. Stay strong, we always pray for you.


1. His old and best friend.
2. Two years.
3. Because Adrian lost contact with his best friend and his best friend's phone number and socmed account is no longer active.
4. Adrian misses his best friend and he doesn't want to lose him/her.
5. No he/she doesn't.
6. true / real
7. by phone number at 072557575 or by e-mail at
8. Adrian is a good friend, he never forgets his best friend.
9. contact Adrian as soon as he/she can by phone or e-mail address given.
10. I would contact Adrian, and told him it's good to hear from him again.


1. Present
2. Beautiful
3. Find
4. Held
5. Accommodate
6. Perform
7. Good
8. Wait
9. Send
10. Warmth


Part E - Part B - Part A - Part D - Part F - Part C - Part G

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